1. Heather Locklear's Retro-Sexy Aerobics Video

Heather Locklear's Retro-Sexy Aerobics Video

CONAN Highlight: Heather had never done aerobics, so she just followed instructions from her earpiece.


CONAN: I had thought that I was aware of all your work, and then we came across something today that I had never seen before.
It's a workout video that you did.
HEATHER: Oh, my gosh.
CONAN: I didn't even know that you did workout videos.
HEATHER: I did once, but --
CONAN: This is a pattern here.
I don't do art.
Didn't you make a video?
Yes, I made a video.
HEATHER: I've never taken aerorobics before and I was doing a video.
CONAN: So you did a video without ever taking aerorobics.
How did that work?
CONAN: They have an earpiece in your ear and they say two to the right, two to the left.
And you're the teacher.
CONAN: Let's take a look.
>> Exhale and forward.
The last time.
Then back.
HEATHER: That was ridiculous.
CONAN: You burned like one calorie there.
HEATHER: Right in the hip area.
ANDY: I think you invented twerking in slow mo.
Slow mo twerking.
You should get the copyright on that.