1. Conan Gets Annoyed By Technical Difficulties

Conan Gets Annoyed By Technical Difficulties

CONAN Highlight: Things go off the rails when Conan's Olympics story keeps getting interrupted by our incompetent crew.


CONAN: Sochi winter Olympics ended last Sunday and the Russians are still crowing about their victory.
They won the most gold medals and most medals overall but it got me thinking --
>> Bill, are you there?
CONAN: What was that?
ANDY: I don't know.
I think it's an audio guy on the feed.
CONAN: That is incredibly annoying.
But as I was saying, at Sochi --
>> Marty just called and said he could hear me on the feed.
You want to talk to him?
CONAN: Hey, whoever you are, if someone says they can hear you on the feed, maybe you should stop talking.
>> Something's messed up.
I'll try to take the A.E.S. output and run it through the 571.
Let's try that right now.
>> All right.
Problem solved.
>> Good, you had me worried for a second.
>> We should probably have Marty check the P.Q. settings?
>> And ask why we don't have a true bypass.
CONAN: This is unbelievable.
ANDY: I know.
Why can't we get a distortion pedal with a true bypass.
>> Marty just called.
He says I'm actually still on the feed.
CONAN: Hey, Conan says you're still on the feed, too.
>> Maybe you need to run the source through the dns1500, first?
CONAN: For god's sakes?
Have any of you tried disconnecting the spx990, running the channel through a multichannel  peak program analyzer, taking the root mean square, voltage the output, reconnecting via the multichannel interface?
>> You know, some guy just had an idea.
So I'm going to give that a shot.
It worked!
I'm very sorry about that, ladies and gentlemen.
I was trying to stay something.
It's been in the news, it's about Sochi. The medal count.
What happened was --
>> You guys tried the xlr 3-pin connector?
>> Yeah. You know, it said it had a 120-degree angle acceptance but I wasn't able to get that.
>>The 48 volt power converter was engaged.
>>Well, depends on if you are at line level or instrument level.
CONAN: Why does Andy always go with people?