1. Conan Visits E3 2014

Conan Visits E3 2014

Conan checks out the hottest games of the year, including "Sunset Overdrive," "Project Morpheus," and, of course, "Forza Motorsport 5", which requires screaming a fake German anthem.

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  • Transcript:

    CONAN: I'm at the 2014 E3, downtown Los Angeles.
    This is the gaming and tech conference.
    They're going to debut all kinds of games I have been anticipating, games like --
    >> Sunset overdrive CONAN: That's a game I can't wait to play.
    Project Morpheus, can't wait to get my hands on that.
    High road warriors.
    >> Hyrule.
    CONAN: Hyrule.
    I'm very --
    >> Excited to be here!
    CONAN: Excited to be here!
    How are you? What's this game about?
    >> Two souls are in love but they can't be together.
    CONAN: That is such a sweet, spiritual game.
    There's no murder or killing?
    >> No blood, no murder.
    Very romantic, mesmerizing.
    Meditative too.
    CONAN: No one's going to buy this.
    OK, I'm checking out a new XBox One game.
    Sunset overdrive.
    And you're the mastermind behind this game?
    >> I'm the game director.
    CONAN: You're Amish.
    You're the only Amish game director.
    The game is made of wood and home made butter.
    >> The whole world is interactive.
    You can be jumping around, bouncing around.
    Doing all kinds of cool movement through the playground of a city.
    CONAN: You shouldn't skate along power lines.
    I have tried it.
    >> Not work out for you?
    CONAN: No, I'm impotent now.
    >> One-handed dragon here.
    Set him on fire.
    CONAN: I will tell you about the one-handed dragon.
    In high school.
    Scab king is coming out.
    There he is.
    >> He's unhappy.
    Trying to get the crown back he's wearing.
    CONAN: Why do you need the crown?
    >> One of the friendly groups you're allied with, they survived because they're a real live role playing like dungeons and dragons.
    CONAN: I haven't understood a word that you said since I met you.
    It's a new game called Kevin spacey in your face.
    He yells at you for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    I'm here with Dan and he's going to show me how to play Forza?
    >> What we're learning a little bit about this stretch is 16 miles, it's in Germany.
    CONAN: OK.
    Oh, yeah!
    [speaking German]
    I'm now going to play project morpheus on playstation 4.
    This is Anton.
    >> You're going to be going down on a luge so the best immersion feeling, you're going to lie down on the bean bag.
    CONAN: You guys thought sitting up on a couch or chair in video games was asking too much for the player?
    You want them collapsed in a sack?
    >> Virtual reality has been for playstation 4.
    The game we're showing today is the luge.
    CONAN: This means no controller?
    >> No controller.
    CONAN: Yes!
    I hate controllers.
    >> You use your head.
    CONAN: Can I lie on this bag?
    I'm getting excellent back support.
    Am I allowed to urinate into this?
    There's a rumor you can urinate and defecate, it and will remove the waste?
    >> For you, Conan, anything.
    CONAN: OK go for it.
    >> You see a virtual image?
    CONAN: Yes, I see a virtual image.
    Oh, my God, it's incredible!
    I finally have manly legs.
    >> What you want to do, there's cars coming up and go next to the car.
    CONAN: Cars are going to come?
    >> Oh, yeah.
    CONAN: Why would cars be on this road?
    >> That's how you get a speed boost.
    CONAN: There shouldn't be cars on this road!
    I'm trying to luge!
    >> Coming up on a left will be a track.
    Go under it.
    CONAN: You can go under a truck?
    I went under a truck!
    Where are you, Anton?
    >> I'm in the real world.
    CONAN: Hold my hand, Anton!
    >> Go right, go right.
    CONAN: Help!
    Oh, my God!
    >> Just finish.
    CONAN: I like this world better than the world I'm in.
    Is this allowed?
    Anton, you said I'm alone in this room, right?
    >> You're in a virtual room that's just you.
    CONAN: What about the real room, no one is seeing this, are they?
    >> Not really.
    They're all looking away.
    CONAN: OK.
    Anton, do you have any kind of oil or lotion?
    Hey, I just bumped into this guy Glen.
    Glen, you don't look like anybody else here.
    You look like you just won a dance competition.
    What's going on?
    Who are you?
    >> I'm an electrical engineer.
    I don't know if that's good or bad.
    CONAN: You're an electrical engineer.
    Look at you, flipped-up collar, you got the bangs.
    You got the necklace.
    It it doesn't say E3 to me.
    Not at all.
    This says, I'm here to sell you cocaine.
    >> Hi, everybody!
    CONAN: This is the dream I had every night in high school.
    And now it's come true.
    >> What's the game?
    CONAN: Who cares?
    Hey, ladies, guess what, I'm going to play Legend of Zelda.
    What do you think?
    Who wants to play with me?
    Let's all go!
    What are we going to do?
    >> Choose one hand or fire rod?
    CONAN: I will choose the fire rod!
    Don't know why that's funny.
    Here we go.
    Here I come!
    >> There you go!
    CONAN: Yeah!
    When you double high five someone, you don't grab onto the hand.
    No, you did that.
    Look at the tape.
    We had a blast today at E3.
    If you're interested, I would love to show you the coolest thing I have seen here today.
    You want to see it?
    >> Yeah!
    CONAN: Come with me.
    Yes, lower back support.
    >> Oh, yeah, lumbar.
    CONAN: Just put your head back just -- isn't -- I haven't been this relaxed in so long, it's fantastic.
    Is Glen here?
    I just want you to watch.
    Just watch.
    Raise your hand if you're creeped out.
    Why am I not creeped out.
    >> You're not.
    CONAN: Why are you not creeped out. 
    >> I'm just watching a pro.
    CONAN: Now I'm creeped out!
    From E3, this is Conan O'Brien, living the life, peace out, Tupac, loves to your moms.
    Oh, I love this chair!
    [Cheers and Applause]