1. Conan's Video Blog: Russell Crowe Sings One Direction Edition

Conan's Video Blog: Russell Crowe Sings One Direction Edition

Another installment of Conan's super-awesome video blog, this time with his deep thoughts about "Iron Man 3."


CONAN: Conan O'Brien here.
This is my video blog.
Ah, here's what's going on.
Ah, the new trailer for "ironman 3," just came out.
It's pretty awesome.
The thing I don't get is if fireman is already in "the avengers" why would he ever fight anyone by himself, rights?
I mean, he's got the hulk's phone number.
Call the hulk.
That's an idea I had.
Dennis Rodman went to north Korea last week and he met with Kim Jong-un.
There's a picture.
Now their they're best friends.
This first segment is called retired NBA players visiting with foreign dictators.
Here's am incident jad and Scottie Pippen.
Here's Assad with Larry Bird and here's Vladimir put within mug si.
That was retired NBA players visiting with foreign dictators.
>> Retired NBA players visiting with foreign dictators.
CONAN: This next segment is called cro-bop.
This is where I take today's biggest pop hits and I ask Russell Crowe, who was in lay Miz to sing -- "lesmis" to sing them.
>> You don't know you're beautiful.
What's that makes you beautiful CONAN: Singing Taylor swift's "I know you were in trouble."
>> I knew you were in trouble when you walked in CONAN: Here he is singing "thrift shop from McLemore and Ryan Lewis."
>> Snow.
I have a big [beep]
I'm a big shot CONAN: That was crowe bop.
Any of you kids feeling awkward, feeling that you're the dorkiest kid in the world, this video will make you feel a lot better.
CONAN: You're welcome.
This last segment is called animals we motions.
>> Animals we motions.
CONAN: OK, this is an angry cat.
This cat is angry because he found marijuana in his daughter's dresser.
This lizard just saw Kate Upton on the cover of "Sports Illustrated"'s swimsuit issue.
This otter just found out that ikea puts horse meat from its meat balls.
This elephant seal just Saul Paul block mall cop for like the fifth time this.
Gecko was just caught pleasuring himself in public.
This cat was also found pleasuring himself but he was like hey, deal with you.
All right, that was my video blog.