1. Corey Lutz: Man Of A Thousand Videos

Corey Lutz: Man Of A Thousand Videos

It's a Vegas stage spectacular featuring all the best YouTube videos shown by some kid from the Valley.


CONAN: We're always on the lookout for exciting new guests to perform on the show.
That's what we're constantly looking for.
We've been hearing about a hot new act in Vegas.
They sent us a video of this guy's act.
I thought it would be fun to watch it together.
But I hear he's the biggest thing in Vegas.
ANDY: Wow.
CONAN: So let's all take a look together.
ANNOUNCER: The Vegas strip is shining brighter than ever thanks to its newest star.
>> What's up?
>> It's Corey lutz as Corey shows you all his favorite videos on YouTube.
>> So the guy is playing dragon horse and "Guitar Hero."
He gets a 97%.
>> It's three and a half straight hours of YouTube videos played off Corey's iPhone.
>> This one they cut it so it sounds like this Parrott is singing daf punk.
It sounds kind of shitty.
>> Kirk shank from the Vegas stunt rave, the videos is as good as the one my son shows me.
>> The videos were OK.
>> Only Corey delivers nonstop entertainment with occasional breaks to rest his arm and charge has phone.
>> Anyone have a charger?
>> So join Corey six nights a week as -- at the 3,000-seat theater.
>> What?
>> Corey Lutz, man of a thousand videos, only in Vegas.
Corey Lutz also appearing in Cirque du Soleil.
>> I'll see you in Vegas.
[Cheers and applause]