1. Presenting Creepy Matt Lauer

Presenting Creepy Matt Lauer

Matt's doing a great job interviewing Olympians in Sochi, but he might be a little TOO into some of the athletes.


CONAN: Now, I saw this from hosting the "Today Show" to filling in for Bob Costas, Matt Lauer has been doing a great job covering the Sochi Olympics.
He is really professional.
I'm worried that working around the clock, man, has he been working hard, may have resulted in Matt dropping his guard on camera as you can see from our new segment called "creepy Matt Lauer."
>> He won a world championship at the tender age of 17.
Now she is 18.
You are a force.
>> Nice talking to you.
>> You, too.
[Cheers and Applause]
ANDY: I don't think we have ever been more fair.
CONAN: I know.