1. Dave Franco Doesn't Know What James Franco Is Doing Either

Dave Franco Doesn't Know What James Franco Is Doing Either

CONAN Highlight: While James has been flooding the internet with disturbing nudity, Dave's just happy that none of it is going to land them in family therapy.


CONAN: Let me ask you, I've known your brother James for a while.
He's doing some odd stuff now posting selfies on social media.
I know that we're not supposed to answer for our brother's actions but I'm going to make you answer for your brother's action.
I saw him a couple of weeks ago and I didn't get into this with him.
Look at this.
Look what he's posting out there now.
What's he doing?
DAVE FRANCO:  It's a good question.
You know, I'm not on social media.
So I wasn't made aware of this until I was doing the junket for this movie.
And I don't know compared to some of the other weird things he's doing, this seems like kind of a refined act, you know?
You feel like he's pulling it in a little bit.
CONAN: He posted a picture that he drew of Seth Rogen naked that's all over the Internet.
We had to pixel out a major portion of it.
DAVE FRANCO:  Right, right.
This was another thing that was brought to my attention during this press tour.
And a lot of multiple people ask me that I was jealous that he didn't paint me like that.
And I think that -- I don't know we would have to have a family therapy session immediately if he was painting me nude because that was the most tasteful one he did.
There are other ones where Seth legs over his head with things just dangling everywhere.
CONAN: Is there any way to stop your brother from doing this?
Is he going to continue with this vain for a while?
DAVE FRANCO:  As I said, this is dignified for him.