1. Dax Shepard Photobombed Daniel Day-Lewis At The Golden Globes

Dax Shepard Photobombed Daniel Day-Lewis At The Golden Globes

Dax knew the camera would always be on Daniel Day-Lewis, or as Dax calls him, Dan Lewis.


CONAN: I was watching the golden globes the other night.
DAX: Sunday night.
It was on Sunday night.
Conan: that's important to the story.
It was in high-def.
ANDY: he's joust pointing out you weren't in church.
CONAN: I'm watching the golden globes.
I notice that you were sitting behind Daniel Day-Lewis.
You ended up getting a lot of screen time.
DAX: I did.
CONAN: I'm wondering --
DAX: How that happened?
Great question.
Conan: can we see the picture here?
Look at this.
And I'm curious, how did you manage that?
DAX:. Well, I don't know.
My wife presented.
So they invite you.
So then I get seated, assigned seating.
I notice I'm looking at the guy next to me, I'm like, honey, that's Dan Lewis.
CONAN you call him Dan Lewis?
DAX: Academy award winner Dan Lewis.
I said if I'm going to photo bomb somebody -- put it back up.
I say if I'm going to photo bomb somebody it better be an academy award winner.
CONAN: did you adjust your seat?
I knew it.
DAX: I'll tell you why.
My training took over.
Now as a good actor, when you're in a scene and the other actor blocks the lens, you adjust and find it.
So I found the lens.
Because Dan Lewis has got a big head.
CONAN: Daniel Day-Lewis.
DAX: What I did is popped other a little bit, camera right and found that lens.
But I want -- one more time.
Put it back up.
Put it back up.
Now your eye is drawn to me.
And that is almost impossible to do in a scene with Daniel Day-Lewis.
Only a chimpanzee or a cute dog can pull focus from Dan Lewis.
And I did it.
CONAN: you did it.
There's nothing you can't do.
DAX: They should have created a golden globe cat gore during the golden globes for best photo bomb scene steeler and handed it to me.
CONAN: for all Danny Lewis.
ANDY: Danny D.
You were great as the l-man.
CONAN: The l-man.