1. Dean Norris On The Mexican "Breaking Bad"

Dean Norris On The Mexican "Breaking Bad"

Dean approves of the South of the Border version of Hank Schrader, but the German version is another story.


CONAN: Such a success, "Breaking Bad."
What's interesting is I was one of those guys, and most people who work here on the show, we were watching it as it happened.
But there's so many people who tape it or they're just catching it now.
They're buying it now and they're watching it.
You can see people enjoying it for the first time even now that show's been over for nine months now.
It's pretty cool.
I keep imagining like kids in college will discover it 10 years from now.
We used to go see like 1970's movies and stuff.
Some night where they can binge-watch "Breaking Bad."
CONAN: That would be cool.
The show was so successful they started making versions of "Breaking Bad" in other countries.
Are you aware of this?
DEAN NORRIS: I heard something about that.
Latin America?
CONAN: Yeah.
There's a Mexican version of "Breaking Bad."
This is not a joke.
There's a Mexican version of "Breaking Bad" and this is the guy who plays you.
What do you think?
DEAN NORRIS: I like it.
I like the belt buckle.
CONAN: There's also a German version.
Yeah, this is you in Germany.
He had the lead for a long period of time.
Now you're working on "Under the Dome," and you're shooting it in Wilmington, so you're on the shore.
I'm guessing this is in -- this is in North Carolina.
Do you enjoy the water?
DEAN NORRIS: Wilmington, North Carolina, is beautiful.
My family is out there.
I bought a boat for the summer.
Just a speedboat, just a used boat.
It's great.
Take the kids tubing, all that coined of stuff.
My wife decided to take it out for a spin.
What can go wrong there, right?
CONAN: So your wife, she said, can I just borrow the boat?
DEAN NORRIS: She said I want to take it out.
It's nice.
I want to go fishing with my softbelt the only thing you have to do is not hit another boat and don't beach it.
So about an hour later I get a text, help, help, help, I'm stranded.
So that was not cool.
CONAN: Where did she --
DEAN NORRIS: She put it on a sand bar.
So I called the coast guard and they're like, is she OK?
I said I think so, you know.
They're like, the tide will come in in about six hours.
CONAN: That's a good guy.
That's a guy who hasn't been married.
DEAN NORRIS: Or won't be for long.
You know, you're married.
There's a right way to deal with that situation when you talk to your wife and there's a wrong way to deal with it.
I did the wrong way.
The right way is to say, honey, I don't care what you did to my new boat that I just boat.
The important thing is, are you OK?
You don't want to hear the wrong way.
CONAN: What did you say?
I'm just curious.
DEAN NORRIS: What did you do to the boat?
CONAN: When I was first dating my wife she borrowed my car and immediately backed it into a post and came in.
I was visiting my parents and I had passed out on the couch.
She woke me up and she said I just backed your new car into a post of the I remember the two halves of my brain fighting.
I was asleep.
"The important thing is you're OK."
She's like, I love you, and I went in the bathroom, ah, ah!