1. Deon Cole Re-Enacts The Super Bowl Blackout

Deon Cole Re-Enacts The Super Bowl Blackout

Sure his bit was cut in rehearsal, but that won't stop Deon.


Everyone is talking about the 34-minute partial blackout that left half of the stadium in the dark last night.
We wanted to do a joke or a sketch about it, but everything we came up with just seemed forced or predictable so we didn't do it.
But the important thing is that we --
Deon, what are you doing?
>> The partially blacked-out sketch.
[Cheers and Applause]
CONAN: Deon, we cut that in rehearsal, remember?
>> Oh, that's right.
Sorry about that.
CONAN: That's OK.
[Cheers and Applause]
CONAN: Anyway, after the lights came back on, the 49ers went on a tear, scored 17 points in four minutes.
No one thought they were going to come back like that.
Deon, I said we weren't doing it.
>> I know, but I heard people laughing.
[Cheers and Applause]
ANDY: They were, but you should probably go out.
>> OK.
CONAN: Anyway, as Super Bowls go, it was an amazing incredible game and a heartbreaking loss for the San Francisco 49ers.
When you think about what happened, they came back and --
CONAN: Deon, how are you doing that?
>> I don't know.
CONAN: All right, thank you.
Deon Cole, thank you.
[Cheers and Applause]
ANDY: I could have gone with him.