1. Emily Blunt Almost Killed Tom Cruise

Emily Blunt Almost Killed Tom Cruise

CONAN Highlight: When Tom Cruise rode shotgun for an "Edge Of Tomorrow" action shot, Emily's driving left him babbling in terror.


CONAN: Is it at all intimidating to do a movie like this with Tom Cruise who has been doing stunts forever? It's his thing.
EMILY BLUNT: It's his thing.
He really does everything and wants to do everything even if the stunt guys or producers are like please don't do that.
CONAN: He is not afraid to do chances.
EMILY BLUNT: You want to do your own stunts as well.
You don't want him to be the only one showing off.
CONAN: You do a stunt in the movie, I kept thinking this looks so real, they must have C.G.I.ed this.
It's the one where you're driving the car, I'm not going to give it away, Tom Cruise is next to you in the car and it looks like it's impossible to fake.
It's such an amazing stunt.
EMILY BLUNT: I was driving it.
We were driving this crazy old car with a big trailer behind it and the stunt guy was like, right, I want you to go like really fast down the path and take a really hard right and I want the trailer to swing out behind you, so get it moving.
It can be kind of violent.
I was like great.
Tom Cruise is in the passenger seat, not his favorite place to be.
CONAN: He is not in control.
EMILY BLUNT: I don't think it's in his fabric to like being a passenger in a stunt driving scene.
He wants to be behind the wheel.
So we do first take, it went really well, the stunt guy went OK do it again, try to do it even faster.
I was like "No problem."
I tear down this path and Tom is being very quiet behind me and suddenly I hear him under his breath as I approach the right-hand turn, I hear him say "brake, brake, brake, brake, brake, oh, God, brake, brake, brake, brake it hard!"
I did it too late and drove us into a tree.
EMILY BLUNT: I almost killed Tom Cruise.
CONAN: I can't believe this was allowed to happen.
EMILY BLUNT: In my head, I was thinking when I heard him say brake, I went in my head, oh, shut up, as if I thought I knew more about stunt driving than Tom Cruise.
He knows nothing.
CONAN: He knows nothing.
EMILY BLUNT: I got this.
CONAN: I got this.
What do you do, you crash into a tree, there has got to be the movement afterwards where the air bags have gone off, you are sitting there and you realize I have almost killed Tom Cruise, what does he is a, was he nice about it?
EMILY BLUNT: I was laughing.
He was actually laughing.
I told him I thought you were being so annoying when you told me that and I apologize.