1. Emmy Rossum Got Distracted By A Sexy Hot Dog Truck

Emmy Rossum Got Distracted By A Sexy Hot Dog Truck

Emmy was so shocked by a suggestive advertising slogan, she nearly crashed her car.


CONAN: My next guest is one of the stars of the popular showtime
series "shameless."
Let's take a look.

[horns honking] 
>> Oh, [beep].
You [beep].
At least I don't have a tiny penis!

[tires squealing] 
>> You piece of shit!
I almost hit your car.

[horns honking] 
>> Back up, back up, stop!

Please welcome Emmy Rossum!


CONAN: I have to say that clip -- your show is so great that
clip had me worried for you.
It was kind of an intense clip and defict -- depicting
realistic road rage.
Have you experienced road rage?
Do you have it when you drive here in L.A.?

EMMY: It's not hard when you're driving in L.A. but no, I don't.
I'm just a very distracted driver.
Not with texting or anything but yesterday I was driving down
Wilshire and I almost rear ended a woman in front of me because
there was a food truck.
It was called Angie's wieners.
What was so distracting about it, it was the marketing for Angie's wieners was this woman in this pinup outfit like very buxom.

CONAN: Big boobs.

EMMY: Big boobs. And the slogan, which was in red big on the side of the truck said the biggest wieners in the hottest buns and as I was
driving past I saw this sign and really started thinking about
the marketing behind it just like does that make me want to eat
a hot dog and then I looked up in a split second -- oh, my

CONAN: That would be a terrible reason for a car accident.
We heard about this and we looked up the company.

EMMY: Yeah.

CONAN: This is the sign.

EMMY: It's disgusting.

CONAN: But it's the biggest wieners and the hottest buns, not in
the hottest buns.
So that's your problem?

EMMY: That's my problem.
I was like winers, buns, whoa!

CONAN: You're saying that's a bad marketing campaign.
I think guys just hear weiners and buns and say I have to have
a hot dog!
Women are more sophisticated.

EMMY: It got me interested.

CONAN: It got you talking on national television.

EMMY: You're welcome, Angie's wieners.