1. Eric Bana Teaches Conan Australian Slang

Eric Bana Teaches Conan Australian Slang

Pro-tip: Don't say you're "rooting" for an Aussie sports team unless you're pretty sexually open.


CONAN: How are you doing, Eric?
ERIC BANA: I'm well, thanks.
Such a nice welcome.
CONAN: Yeah, terrific welcome.
People are always excited to see you.
And I guess, was your birthday last week?
ERIC BANA: It was last week.
13 happy birthday!
ERIC BANA: Thank you very much.
Thank you, thank you.
CONAN: I'm curious -- why not?
Why not?
ERIC BANA: Why not.
CONAN: How did you celebrate your birthday?
You have a big blowout?
ERIC BANA: No, I'm not a big birthday guy.
It was a Friday night.
I had a choice between going to the footy to see my team get trashed by the premiereship favorites or stay at home with the family and do Schnitzel and mashed potatoes in front of the fire.
Which did I choose?
The Schnitzel.
CONAN: I'm curious.
You act like Schnitzel and mashed potato is a common birthday choice.
Just do the old Schnitzel.
Is Schnitzel like a favorite food of yours?
>> It's the greatest plate full of food ever.
To me, Schnitzel, mashed Poe Tate kwlow and a little bit of salad, it you must know.
CONAN: First of all, greatest food in the world, I say lose the salad.
ERIC BANA: I did say a little bit of salad.
CONAN: To me it's a giant sloppy Joe and Tater tots all around.
CONAN: That's what I would want and a big spoon.
OK, what team were you rooting for when you were watching TV?
ERIC BANA: Did you say rooting?
ERIC BANA: We don't say rooting back home.
We say -- we say barracking.
Are there any Australians in the audience?
CONAN: What did I do wrong?
ERIC BANA: You just swore, right?
CONAN: Rooting is swear?
ERIC BANA: Rooting means having sex.
CONAN: That's what I meant.
Did you have sex with your team?
[Cheers and Applause]
I think that's a legitimate question.
ERIC BANA: It may be acceptable.
I am the number one ticketholder.
But I decided no, no.
CONAN: Really?
ERIC BANA: We say barracking, because rooting literally in Australia means you are, you are having sex.
CONAN: Ho now we know how you do it.
I don't know what you're doing there.
CONAN: I'm coming at you, baby!
Good lord.
So that's what rooting meets.
124 and it doesn't mean like tender, affectionate, lovemaking?
It's yeah.
ERIC BANA: It's whatever want it to be, Conan.
CONAN: Well, don't ask me.
That's not how I go about it.
There's a lot of weeping when I'm doing it.
So you're talking about the sport you're watching is -- was football?
Australian rules football, which we call footy.
CONAN: You call footy.
ERIC BANA: Footy, yeah.
CONAN: That's funny.
Let's talk about that for a second.
It seems like you Australians add ie to the end of everything.
I stead of barbecue, it's just barbie.
If you're a politician, you're a poli.
If you're a electrician, you're a sparkie.
CONAN: Right.
I would not want to hire a sparkie.
I'm worried about the safety of my electronics in my home.
Let's get a sparkie in here!
ERIC BANA: I'm sure it emanated from an electric shock.
Biker is bikey.
It doesn't sound very masculine S. does it?
On a bikeie.
CONAN: Footie!
ANDY: Let's play footie!
CONAN: And cookie, cookie e?
ERIC BANA: Cookie e, yeah.
CONAN: I'm trying to learn the rules here.
What's the term for -- do you guys call a redhead ginger?
What do you call redhead?
ERIC BANA: We have a couple names.
There's bluey, of course.
CONAN: Bluey?
CONAN: That makes no sense.
You took blue and added ie.
I think you intentionally are trying to screw over language.
ERIC BANA: And there's another name for redhead but I don't know if you want to go there.
CONAN: What is it?
ERIC BANA: It's -- it's Wanger.
CONAN: Wanger, from?
Can I sign a disclaiming before I say it?
It's from -- you want this?
CONAN: No, now I don't.
Shouldn't you be saying, you want this!
ERIC BANA: It's from, Conan, orangutan.
CONAN: Oh, thanks a lot, pal.
That's fantastic.
So redheads are orangutans to you.
ERIC BANA: That's not my word.
You asked me where it came from in Australia and that's where it comes from.
We have a bad habit of shortening everything.