1. Fan Correction: You Miscounted The Carnival Cruise Ships!

Fan Correction: You Miscounted The Carnival Cruise Ships!

Fan Brian Halopoff thinks Conan's addition is off, but it sounds like Brian is in the wrong.

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CONAN: All right.
Fan corrections.
This of course, is a segment where viewers try to find mistakes on our show.
So far hundreds and hundreds of challengers, not one winner.
We don't make mistakes.
ANDY: Thank God they keep trying, though.
What else would we be doing right now?
CONAN: Exactly.
Well, tonight a fan named Brian Halopoff thinks he caught a mistake.
He thinks he caught a mistake.
He said it about the carnival cruise ship fiasco.
BRIAN: In the episode, you were making fun of carnival cruise line in which they had an accident in which 16 ships were together spelling out "we suck."
CONAN: 15 ships spelling out from the ski the words "we suck."
BRIAN: Now, Conan, as you can clearly see there are not 15 ships.
There are actually 24 ships in this picture.
BRIAN: 16 and 24 are not the same numbers, Conan.
Therefore you made an error.
And by the way, Conan, in case you were wondering where I got those popping sound effects for clearance reasons, I made them myself.
CONAN: I just want to congratulate him on whoever did his lighting.
I think it's fantastic.
Look at that.
ANDY: Don't forget to leave room for my shadow.
CONAN: Well, sorry, Brian halopoff if that's even you're real name.
Anyway, you are dead wrong.
There were 16 ships involved in that crash, not 24.
Don't believe me?
Here's the C.E.O. of carnival cruise lines to back me up.
>> Hi, Brian.
My name is Jerry K. hill.
I'm the president and C.E.O. of carnival cruise lines.
I will supply the math to you and supply the sound effects.
Let's start with the w.
You thought it was five ships but it was one.
It was very hard to see that it looked like the letter e.
That's two ships where you saw nine.
You're right about the s. That's five ships.
The u and the c are each one and a half.
And the k is five ships.
That makes 15 ships.
Where's the 16th ship?
Two miles below the surface in the grip of a giant squid.
So there you have it.
Conan was right.
And you Brian, were wrong.
I'm sorry to say it but you must have beep for brains.
And as the president of carnival cruise lines I know a thing about --
CONAN: If you think you spotted an error report it to teamcoco.com/hahaIfoundan error.
Let's see if you can make chump meet out of the maestro.