1. The Food Network Produce Bowl: Fruits vs. Vegetables

The Food Network Produce Bowl: Fruits vs. Vegetables

As an alternative to Puppy Bowl, it was a bit of a lemon.


CONAN: I all right mentioned last night's puppy bowl which airs every year on animal planet.
This year another cable network tried to get in on the action.
So many cable networks are competing with each other.
I don't think this event is going to become a Super Bowl tradition.
I didn't think this was as successful take a look.
>> Welcome to the food network produce bowl.
Fruits and vegetables.
As I examine the field, this event was a terrible idea.
There is zero gridiron action on this field.
We're deep in the fourth quarter of a scoreless game.
The tomato has possession.
He is limping awkwardly toward the end zone and oh!
Here is the replay in case anybody is still watching.
The fruits have called a time-out because their quarterback is missing.
Hold on, can we get a shot of that sound guy.
Good Lord, the sound guy is eating the quarterback.
Come on, you got to be kidding me!
Vegetables have possession and it looks like they could, oh, OK, great, OK, there seems to be some kind of power outage.
Can we please get the lights back on in here.
Oh, my.
There are rats on the field.
Oh, gosh.
Maybe they could smell the produce rotting under those hot lights.
In any case, things are finally getting interesting.
[Cheers and Applause]
CONAN: Never do that again.