1. Génesis Rodríguez Does A Telenovela Scene With Conan

Génesis Rodríguez Does A Telenovela Scene With Conan

CONAN Highlight: Telenovela actors are masters of multiple emotions, which is why Génesis wants a scene where she cries AND eats.


CONAN: I know you started in Telenovelas.
It was fun.
It's very demanding because, you know, they ask you to cry and then laugh at the same time and it's just -- it's crazy.
CONAN: emotional switches very quickly.
GENESIS: I sometimes feel kind of crazy because I'm laughing, crying, it's like, wow, she lost it right there.
She did.
CONAN: so it's almost great training for a very specific kind of acting.
I haven't -- listen, I've done pretty much everything, like I've been blind, lost my vision, recuperated it, lost my memory and all this.
CONAN: all the stuff that happens in a soap opera or teleknow ve La, you've done that.
But I haven't had a scene where I've been crying and eating at the same time which I think would be brilliant.
CONAN: you'd like to do a scene where you're completely losing it and eating at the same time.
GENESIS: You want to try it out.
I don't know if you guys -- Kip I heard you wanted to try something like this.
I'll follow your lead.
You'll do a scene from a telenovela to cry and eat with the same time.
What do I do to help?
GENESIS: You need to break up with me.
CONAN: that would never happen.
There needs to be some sense of reality and this guy breaking up with this, you must go!
No one is buying that.
GENESIS: Come on!
CONAN: we need some food for the scene.
Bring some food out.
GENESIS: Oh, my God!
This is perfect.
Conan: we'll give you a turkey leg and I'm not eating.
It's just you.
OK, let's try this.
I'll get into my character, I'm a very handsome fellow, obviously.
Fellows, a little romantic muse ex, teleknovela music.
[Speaking Spanish]
CONAN: I'm sorry, is anybody buying this?
Genesis Rodriguez.