1. "The Great Gatsby" 3D Scenes Are A Little Much

"The Great Gatsby" 3D Scenes Are A Little Much

We know they want to try to get the most of the 3D, but this seems excessive.


CONAN: The new "Gatsby" movie, I don't know if you've seen it, it's in 3D.
I understand why action or science fiction movies should be in 3D.
But why "the great Gatsby"?
You can tell that the director was a little desperate to come up with 3D moments for "the great Gatsby."
Take a look.
>> I've gotten all these things for her.
Now she just wants to run away.
She even wants to leave that jay.
>> Would anyone like a drink?
>> What kind of a rowl are you trying to cause in my house?
>> He isn't causing it.
You're causing.
Please have a little self-control.
>> Self-control?
Oh, I suppose the latest thing is to sit back.
>> Your idea.
It's her decision.
Of course, if anything is not to your liking, I'll change it.
[Cheers and applause]
CONAN: I could watch that all night.
I'm like a cat going meow!