1. Guillermo Diaz's Hazy "Half-Baked" Memories

Guillermo Diaz's Hazy "Half-Baked" Memories

Guillermo co-starred with Dave Chappelle and Snoop Dogg, who demanded weed verisimilitude.


CONAN: You are as you say, you're a cute, fun guy.
But you played lots of thugs.
Drug dealers.
When you -- when fans, when they see you on the street, do they reference that part of your work?
GUILLERMO DIAZ: All the time, yeah.
I was in Israel.
And I just flew back this morning and one of the flight attendants was a fan of "weeds" and came over with a piece of paper, can you give me an autograph?
He wrote something down for me to write.
And he -- he wanted me to write "good luck with your grow room."
So I wrote it.
I guess he wanted me to bless his grow room n Israel, and he's from -- grow room.
And he's from Israel.
CONAN: And people it L tell me exactly what they want me to write.
This could get me in trouble.
Oh, nice to meet you, Conan.
And write this right here.
CONAN: You and I had sex.
GUILLERMO DIAZ: Can you do it?
I was nervous.
And I kept looking at him.
And am I writing the right thing?
CONAN: Correctly?
Now, you're probably one of your earliest roles was in the cult hit, Dave Chappelle movie "half baked."
CONAN: And you talk about pot, big cult pop movie.
Was that a fun movie to work on?
It's become such a notorious film.
GUILLERMO DIAZ: Yeah, it was a blast to work.
We shot it all in Toronto.
So we were all staying in hotel rooms.
Yeah, Toronto.
And so we -- after we would wrap the day, we would all go to Dave's room and smoke.
And smoke -- smoke weed.
Roll with the mom from good times.
She started -- we found out that she was complaining that she was getting these wafts of marijuana smoke going into her room.
And we're like -- we were psyched that complaining about us smoking pot next to her.
But we -- you know, yeah.
The most fun I've ever had in making a movie.
CONAN: We've had -- the times over the years, you'll attest to this, over the years when we've been doing the show and Snoop Dogg is on the show.
And he shows up with his posse.
It is absolutely -- it's coming out through the air conditioning vents.
Snoop was in "half baked."
And we were smoking fake pot in the movie.
And he was the only one I'm not smoking fake stuff.
So in the movie when --
CONAN: As an actor.
So when he is smoking in the movie it's real.
CONAN: When --
now Ness a lot of trouble.
-- now he's in a lot of trouble.
ANDY: I would like to see the receipt from props for that.
It's weed and it's for snoop.
CONAN: What did you do early on in the business before you started getting regular roles?
GUILLERMO DIAZ: One of my jocks I worked at a photo stock agency and used to file pictures of celebrities.
CONAN: What kind of pictures?
Like --
GUILLERMO DIAZ: Like paparazzi pictures.
CONAN: Yeah.
GUILLERMO DIAZ: So I worked for an agency that represented paparazzi.
And one of -- I'm a huge Madonna fan.
And one of the photographers was going to shoot the girly show, one of Madonna's shows and came up to me one day, Guillermo, you're going to be my assistant and we're going to go to the girly show and give you a camera and you'll come with me.
And the photographers get to go in the pits so you're literally right in front of the stage.
And the -- they get to go in there for like three songs.
So I --
CONAN: A dream come true.
I had to -- the camera around my neck and Madonna's publicist came into a room and looked at all of us and gave us all bracelets.
And cut to us there in the pit.
And Madonna comes out.
And the photographers start taking pictures.
I'm the only one who is saying "Madonna!"
I was screaming.
And I would remember that I had to take pictures.
CONAN: I'm guessing they're not good pictures.
GUILLERMO DIAZ: And the pictures came out.
I saw the pictures afterward.
They developed them.
We were all laughing.
Because they all looked like her ear.
And really close up of her -- you know.
CONAN: Pictures of your face screaming "Madonna!"