1. Harrison Ford Rocked His Own Ron Burgundy-Style Mustache

Harrison Ford Rocked His Own Ron Burgundy-Style Mustache

Harrison is fresh from "Anchorman 2" and is convinced Will Ferrell is insane.


[Cheers and Applause]
>> I love you, Harrison!
[Cheers and Applause]
CONAN: Thank you for being here.
Good night.
That was absolutely amazing!
HARRISON FORD: Who do they think I am?
CONAN: They know who you are!
Andy, back me up on this.
We have been do this 20 years.
I don't think I have seen a reaction like that.
That is absolutely incredible.
ANDY: Yes?
HARRISON FORD: Is that true?
ANDY: It's true.
CONAN: People really seem to like you.
ANDY: Yeah.
CONAN: It's you and Al Roker, only two I have seen get that intensity of love and affection.
How are you?
You look fantastic.
You always look good.
HARRISON FORD: Thank you very much.
I feel fine.
CONAN: Yeah.
You feel good.
You're rubbing the chair a lot.
Let's talk.
Enough about me.
CONAN: No, this is all about you.
What are we going to talk about me?
No one wants to hear about me.
We want to hear about you.
You just shot the sequel to "anchorman" and everyone wants to know, how was it?
HARRISON FORD: Don't have anything in life experience to compare it with, so I wouldn't -- I without be able to tell what you it was really like.
I went there.
I was there for a day.
I did some stuff that I'm not so sure about.
CONAN: You're not sure what you did?
HARRISON FORD: And it was nothing like I have ever been part of before.
And I left.
And I had not seen "anchorman" one.
CONAN: You had not seen the first one?
CONAN: So you didn't know what you were in for?
HARRISON FORD: I had no idea.
CONAN: I thought this was a serious movie about anchormen.
You showed up, you had no idea?
HARRISON FORD: I knew it was a comedy.
But I didn't know what kind of comedy.
CONAN: How was will Ferrell?
HARRISON FORD: He's insane.
CONAN: Yes, he is.
Everybody that works there is really insane.
CONAN: Yeah.
HARRISON FORD: And they don't care about anything.
HARRISON FORD: Except the joke.
CONAN: Yeah, yeah.
HARRISON FORD: But I don't know what the joke is.
CONAN: I can't wait to see you in the movie now.
You're just going to wander in, look around and then wander off camera.
That's what going to happen.
HARRISON FORD: I think it can be cut that way.
CONAN: It's funny, I have to bring this up, at one point, I don't know how long ago this was, but I'm going to assume this was late '80's maybe, you had your own Ron burgundy look going.
We found this still --
[Cheers and Applause]
ANDY: That's when he was Glenn Frey's food taster.
CONAN: That's fantastic.