1. If They Melded: Peter Griffin + He-Man Edition

If They Melded: Peter Griffin + He-Man Edition

We've smashed celeb videos together and got an unholy mess that's part Kris Jenner, part Dalai Lama.


CONAN: This is where we take videos of famous people and we combine them usually for no good reason.
It kills time.
First up, we've melded John McCain and Michele Bachmann.
-- Michele Bachmann.
>> I am not a Washington, D.C. inside establishment politician and I never want to be.
I'm a real person who is in real life and that's what I want to take to the White House.
CONAN: Kris Jenner and the dalai lama.
-- Dalai Lama.
>> Oh, close.
Because of this democracy, this freedom.
CONAN: It's a good look.
Peter --
That's an interesting one.
Peter Griffin and he man.
>> No, no sign of it.
That's one of the mysteries.
The strangest mystery is my sword.
It's gone.
CONAN: And finally one that actually makes sense, me and Andy.
[Cheers and applause]
It's distracting.
You see what I'm saying?
If I did this during the show, I just think it would be awkward.
It would be an awkward format to me.
ANDY: Seems kind of cool to me, Conan.
That was good.
I think the me that's got your face is very cool-looking.
ANDY: I don't exactly like it but I don't dislike it either.
CONAN: Right.
ANDY: It's disconcerting but in a friendly way.
CONAN: I think it's hot.