1. Jack McBrayer Looooooves Bud Light

Jack McBrayer Looooooves Bud Light

CONAN Highlight: Jack isn't getting paid to shill Bud Light, he just likes it that much. "It goes with everything!"


CONAN: I know your favorite thing in the world is bud light.
You love your bud light.
JACK: It is.
I love it so much.
CONAN: You think you'd be a good spokesperson for bud light?
JACK: I could do it because if you believe in something then people can see that.
CONAN: I keep one of these behind my desks.
Why don't you -- show us what the's bud light ad that you would do.
Pick a camera and go right to it.
JACK: Bud lite, it's good.
And good for you.
Please drink responsibly.
CONAN: Did you just add "please drink responsibly"?
JACK: Yes.
Because I'm a responsible human being.
It's cold.
Y'all, it goes with everything.
It's so good.
ANDY: Does it go with crow killing?
ANDY: I bet it does.