1. Jack McBrayer's Back Yard Is Infested With Crows

Jack McBrayer's Back Yard Is Infested With Crows

They're dropping the nastiest stuff so Jack is coping by readying his BB gun. Just to scare them!


CONAN: Well, the show wrapped.
The finale obviously is going to be next week.
But the show has been done for, you know, about a month now.
JACK: Yes, sir.
CONAN: What's all this yes, sir stuff?
We've been friends for a long time.
JACK: Have we, though?
CONAN: I like to think so, old pal.
JACK: Well, don't!
CONAN: What have you been up to since the show wrapped?
You have a lot of time on your hands?
What are you doing?
JACK: I'm just sitting at home trying to not spend money.
CONAN: Really?
You've always been a frugal fellow.
JACK: I think smart with finances is a nice spin.
CONAN: That's part of the definition of frugal.
ANDY: Cheapskate I say.
CONAN: You take a few doughnuts and put them in your pocket on the way out.
JACK: They might not be there for me.
CONAN: You're feeding other people with doughnuts?
JACK: Against their will.
CONAN: So weird.
So since the show wrapped, you say you're hanging around.
What are you doing at home?
What are you doing?
JACK: I've been enjoying the weather in southern California because it is freezing in New York.
I have a beautiful place to stay out here.
But I've been getting crows in my backyard.
CONAN: Crows?
JACK: The bird?
CONAN: Yeah, I know.
I didn't think it was a native American tribe.
So crows have been showing up in your backyard.
JACK: God bless them.
I love animals.
They're terrifying and they bring garbage up into my backyard.
CONAN: They bring garbage from other places.
JACK: They brought a dog toy.
And they're like the big crows.
Not cute little --
CONAN: Right.
The rats of the sky, if you will.
JACK: I never said that.
CONAN: All right.
Well, you're going to get letters for that comment.
Jack McBrayer, crows and rats in the sky.
JACK: This might get me in a little bit of trouble.
I brought my friend's B.B. gun out.
Here I am sitting in my pajamas.
Come on, crows.
CONAN: You try and hit them?
I try to hit the trees or my fence that they're sitting on.
ANDY: Get the gun out of their hand.
CONAN: Wait a minute.
You never made a joke about you being hillbilly.
You get all mad at me.
Now you're sitting in your backyard in your underwear, waiting for some crows to come.
Make up some crow stew!
Are you not?
JACK: There's no such thing as crow stew.
CONAN: Wikipedia it.
And see that I'm right.
You are such a likable chap.
You are going to get a lot of offers.
I think you're going to work constantly.
JACK: At a restaurant.
CONAN: But a very good restaurant and I can't wait to sit at your table and just be a real jerk.