1. Jack White Doesn't Want Cell Phones At His Concerts

Jack White Doesn't Want Cell Phones At His Concerts

Jack is tired of the sea of distracting blue screens at his shows, and is urging fans to live in the moment.


CONAN: You're trying to get people back into just enjoying the music.
I've had the experience where I go out and perform in front of people where all I see is a see of iPads.
You can't even see their faces.
You just see screens because they're recording it for later.
You're asking people, telling people look, I'll make all the video available to you but I want you to not shoot it during the show.
JACK WHITE: We tried that the last tour.
I asked if we could go out and talk to the crowd, would you please put your phone down and just enjoy it with your eyes and ears.
We tried it and people applauded when we asked them.
Everyone as a mob agreed, we don't like this idea, this practice.
I think it's distracting for the people in the back who are trying to really watch, to see a sea of blue screens in front of them.
Somebody was in Europe talking about Iggy Pop did an amazing jump into the crowd and some amazing moment happened and everybody who was there all pulled out their phones and were filming the moment.
No one was in the moment but documenting the moment.
CONAN: More importantly, they couldn't catch him.
JACK WHITE: It's better to be in the moment, I think.
People are really loving it.
We're doing it on this tour and other acts, Kanye started doing it that way too.
It's better that way.
CONAN: The new album is "Lazaretto."
What does that mean?
JACK WHITE: I thought an old history buff like you would know this one.
I didn't know until a foo months ago.
It was quarantining, I was reading ago about the black plague.
CONAN: Beach reading.
JACK WHITE: Like you read "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich."
CONAN: I know, it's terrible.
I have a giant book about the darkest subject ever and I'm wearing a crazy sun hat.
I want to talk about what you're doing with the vinyl, which has been so important to you.
But these really are things of beauty.
You press these in Nashville.
You have your own factory and you make these and you put all kinds of special surprises to get people back into vinyl.
There's actually a hologram in here.
JACK WHITE: Yeah, when you spin it.
CONAN: How does that work?
JACK WHITE: It was etched in with metal etching tools.
We thought if he can put as much as we can in this one record, what can we accomplish?
He discovered things that had never been done before.
That was my proudest moment with the record company.
The guy who is the master cutter came out with the idea so that this side comes out matte finish and this side is glossy.
CONAN: When you put the needle on a certain part of the record and it's turning, a little angel -- it's a hologram.
It appears as though an angel hovers over the record.
CONAN: I didn't even think that was possible.
JACK WHITE: Yeah, it's wild and I don't know how it exactly works.
CONAN: And you can eat this.
CONAN: This is a cookie also.