1. Jason Biggs Tasted His Wife's Breast Milk

Jason Biggs Tasted His Wife's Breast Milk

Jason was curious to see what his newborn son was drinking and so went right to the source.


CONAN: You just recently became a dad.
Very recently.
JASON BIGGS: Thank you.
He's 5 months old.
CONAN: He's 5 months old.
JASON BIGGS: He's 5 months old today.
It's going pretty awesome.
So I'm having a really good time with it.
I think I'm an OK dad.
CONAN: Hard to tell 5 months in.
JASON BIGGS: He's teething right now.
He's not really sleeping.
He's having a hard time going between the bottle and the breast.
But it's --
CONAN: Here's the thing --
JASON BIGGS: I tried the breast milk recently.
CONAN: You tried the breast milk?
JASON BIGGS: I tried to get it from her boob.
And she kind of shot me down.
I don't know why.
CONAN: Let's back it up --
ANDY: Did she know you were coming?
CONAN: You're talking about your wife -- you went up to the breast to try to get milk from her breast.
JASON BIGGS: She had her boobs out and she was about to pump.
CONAN: Not just to air them out.
JASON BIGGS: She was just drying them.
I just wanted to try it.
I wanted to know what it was like.
I kind of went in there and she was just like really what are you doing?
I feel like it's -- I have a right to it as well, don't I?
CONAN: No, I don't think you do!
JASON BIGGS: Apparently I don't.
So I tried it whenever it was in the bottle.
I never had --
CONAN: I never had any --
JASON BIGGS: You weren't curious.
I wanted to see what the fuss was about.
My kid loves it.
CONAN: All the babies were talking about it.
Goo-goo, goo-goo.
JASON BIGGS: My kid goes bananas for this.
CONAN: I wouldn't take just a straight shot of that.
I would have it made into ice cream.
JASON BIGGS: That's a great idea.
CONAN: It is a good idea and we're going to market it.
JASON BIGGS: That's a really good idea.
CONAN: That's insane that you did that.
Your wife posted -- I'm sorry, you posted a video of your wife in labor, correct?
Was it while it was happening because some people were thinking that's a little controversial.
JASON BIGGS: All right.
Let me be clear.
there is a misunderstanding.
People thought we were live-tweeting the birth of our son, Sid.
Just like any doting dad to be, I took footage, video and pictures of the, you know, the whole night and the next day of her labor and just sort of documented it very well.
A couple of days later, Jenny my wife was going through the footage and we decided that the way we were going to sort of tell the world and release his name and just kind of release a picture, she decided that it would be cool to release some of the footage chronologically.
Started with us leaving the house and working tall way showing her getting an epidural --
CONAN: Right.
JASON BIGGS: Pre-op, post-op and then a picture of Sid at the end.
I thought it was very sweet.
It was calculated and deliberate the images that we chose.
Funny and the whole thing.
Of course, there are people out there that are batshit crazy.
CONAN: Some people were saying this is oversharing --
JASON BIGGS: It's oversharing.
In fact, a noted morning show decided to bring in a whole panel of experts and dissect our oversharing -- I mean, it was just ridiculous.
CONAN: That was "The View," right?
JASON BIGGS: It was not "The View."
It was "Good Morning America."
CONAN: I just wanted to say the wrong one so you could say the right one.
JASON BIGGS: Well done.
CONAN: "Sharktopus" coming soon.
So what was your wife's response?
JASON BIGGS: Well, she -- her response was to post about a week later, she -- she posted a picture of her placenta where she said -- I don't know if this is oversharing but I think my placenta looked really hot and thin.
And she was right.
It did look really hot and thin.
CONAN: She didn't take it down a notch.
She took it up a notch.
JASON BIGGS: That's the only way to go, clearly.
ANDY: I noticed we're not throwing to those pictures.
JASON BIGGS: Go to the placenta, quick.
ANDY: Oh, we don't have the placenta.
CONAN: This guy ate it.
It's fantastic with breast milk.
It was awesome.
Really good.
Really delicious.
CONAN: What am I doing?
What am I doing?
JASON BIGGS: I am not the only guy to try their wife's breast milk.
I am definitely not.
CONAN: Were you tempted?
ANDY: I took one sip and I found it repulsive.
CONAN: Of her breast milk --
ANDY: Jenny's. I swung by --
CONAN: Andy went by like it was a drive-th ru.
JASON BIGGS: It's not like I had a cup of it.
Hmm, breast milk.
Milk mustache.
ANDY: I guest hosted. I filled in for Regis a number of years ago and the thing that was going on in New York was a restaurant was making human breast milk cheese and they surprised us with samples of it.
And you know, wanting to be liked, of course, I tried it.
And yet again, and it should be the most natural thing because it's our animal that was making it.
It was the grossest thing ever.
CONAN: On Regis?
Did Regis have some?
ANDY: No, I was Regis that day.
JASON BIGGS: There is so many things wrong --
ANDY: I know why Regis wasn't there.
CONAN: Yeah.
ANDY: He called in sick that day. "I'm doing what?"
CONAN: "I'm not eating breast milk cheese!"