1. Sex Expert Dr. Jennifer Berman Teaches Conan & Tom Arnold To Find The G-Spot

Sex Expert Dr. Jennifer Berman Teaches Conan & Tom Arnold To Find The G-Spot

CONAN Highlight: Dr. Berman wants every man to be able to sexually please a woman, and she's brought some PVC pipe to help.


CONAN: Let's talk about the g spot because that is the --
I just want to get some medical information out there.
What the hell?
I did not see that there.
When did they put that there?
At the commercial?
Usually I know when they set stuff up here.
DR. BERMAN: They told me that this was representative of Conan's, you know.
Conan's size. This is actually supposed to be equivalent to a vagina.
The vagina is U-shaped. Banana-shaped.
CONAN: Is this a drain spout?
ANDY: Elbow.
DR. BERMAN: It's a Home Depot kind of sewer pipe.
This is for you.
What I want you to do is show me --
CONAN: I know what you want me to do.
DR. BERMAN: Obviously they knew, OK.
CONAN: I knew about this thing in high school.
DR. BERMAN: I want you to show me where do you think the g-spot is?
CONAN: I don't want to say.
I don't want to say.
Can you just tell me.
Don't make me guess that will humiliate me.
TOM: This is the front --
DR. BERMAN: This is the front, this goes up to the uterus.
TOM: The butt is at the other end, I got it.
TOM: That's close, right?
DR. BERMAN: You don't know about the in hole and up, the come hither guys in the audience, somebody has to help me out here.
Come hither. Like you're calling your kid. Come on, honey. It's in, about two inches in, it feels like a little raisin, like an orange peel and it's --
DR. BERMAN: You are a role model for the men in America.
CONAN: This will never air.
DR. BERMAN: This is serious.
CONAN: Everyone will have their minds erased.
We're all going to pretend this didn't happen.