1. Joel Kinnaman's RoboCop Wardrobe Malfunction

Joel Kinnaman's RoboCop Wardrobe Malfunction

Pity the guy who had to peel Joel out of his tight costume and nearly got slapped in the face with Joel Jr.


CONAN: You're going to be the new "Robocop."
Must have been exciting for you.
You must have been a big fan of the original.
JOEL: I was a huge fan of the original.
I had to fight hard to get the par.
I met with the director and he really -- he told this incredible story that he wanted to tell about using the concept of "Robocop."
So I was shooting "the killing in" Vancouver.
And I flew down to L.A. three weekends in a row.
And then finally I got the call.
I was lying in bed with my girl and I get call and they're like, you got it.
And I'm looking at her and -- you're "Robocop."
We've got to do something.
We've got to celebrate.
All right.
What do we do?
Let's jump in the pool.
I was like oh, OK.
And then she starts running out.
Like running out in my underwear.
Let's just in the pool.
And yeah, let's jump in the pool.
Is it heated?
She's like come on, you're Robocop.
Just get in the pool.
All right.
I'm getting in the pool.
And then -- but I'm still a little concerned about the heat of the pool.
So I try to dip my toe in it.
But the water's kind of low.
So I reach down and then I scratched my butt on the side.
CONAN: Like on the tile of the pool.
JOEL: Exactly.
I was like, ow, ow.
She was just like, "Get in the the pool."
And I'm lying there alone in the pool.
CONAN: And you're dog paddling.
JOEL: And she's like, "You're robocop."
CONAN: There was some speculation about what's this Robocop going to look like and this image appeared.
The paparazzi took this photo.
JOEL: I was actually going to get the paper.
CONAN: He's hungover.
Just wants to get some coffee.
I must get coffee.
Leave me alone.
And then this picture came out.
Someone is shining your butt.
I guess that must be a job that someone has which is maintaining the costume while you're in it.
Important job.
JOEL: That butt needs to be shined.
JOEL: There's not so much going on in the front, you know?
So the back side needs to be very shined.
That guy has a rough job.
CONAN: Shining your butt is a rough job?
JOEL: He was the guy that had to take the suit off and that wasn't always easy.
There's all these different parts he had to take off.
And then the final part was like this -- like a rubber suit.
And underneath, I was only wearing a unitard.
But in this unitard, you know, there was an opening, of course, so I could go to the bathroom.
And so he had to get on his knees every day and like pull the suit down.
And he was on his knees.
And every time he'd pull -- right before he got it off, there was a little bump and like he pulled it off and sometimes my stuff would kind of come out.
CONAN: Congratulations, by the way!
Picking up coffee and stuff.
So he was --
JOEL: It was a baby coming out.
CONAN: Come on!
I have to get this show under control.
Now, in the film you start opposite Michael Keaton, OK.
Terrific actor.
You know, it's funny, we back in the day he was Batman.
So I don't know if he ever -- did he empathize with you being in the suit?
Because he was once on the set in a Batman suit.
Did he ever talk you through it or --
JOEL: No empathy from Michael at all.
No, he was really -- my suit was really uncomfortable.
As soon as I did a little tweak -- he was like you young guys, you have it easy.
They had to glue the suit.
They had to pry it and they had a wooden stick in there.
I'm like Michael, this was like 30, 40 years ago. You got to let this go.