1. Joel McHale Addresses "Late Late Show" Rumors

Joel McHale Addresses "Late Late Show" Rumors

Speculation swirled after Joel took a twitpic with the head of CBS, but now he's going on the record.


CONAN: There has been all this shuffling around of the late night shows.
There has been speculation about who is going to take over the late night program on CBS, the 12:35 show.
You tweeted this picture out of you with the CBS, the head of CBS, Les Moonves.
JOEL MCHALE: Listen, that was a [Beep] picture.
CONAN: You tweeted that out.
JOEL MCHALE: No, she tweeted it and then I retweeted it and the entertainment business assumed, well, that's a contract.
That's valet parking.
Taking a picture with hulk Hogan, well, he must be buying a spray tan company.
No, it was just a picture.
I'm definitely going to appear on the talk with Julie Chen according to that.
CONAN: Would you be interested in hosting one of those late night shows?
JOEL MCHALE: [Beep] no.
Those, who would do that?
That is so much work, right?
CONAN: You need a bottomless well of neediness coming out every night.
JOEL MCHALE: I would be worried I would die under an avalanche of used suits.
No, no, I'm funny about once a week.
Hey, I'm on the E! network, how do you -- where can I go higher than there?
They have the Kardashians, OK.
CONAN: You got it all.
JOEL MCHALE: They know exactly what is happening with the Kardashians, sure, E! wasn't invited to their wedding, but who cares.
CONAN: They weren't inviting to the wedding?
JOEL MCHALE: No, we did reports from across the street.
I'm across the street, they will not let me get nearby.
I hear Kanye rapping to one of his songs.
It seems like everybody is having a great time.
CONAN: That's so sad to report on that wedding using drones.
JOEL MCHALE: Andy, go outside and listen to what was outside of a building.
CONAN: I'm standing seven blocks from the Ellen studio and I'm told it's going well.
JOEL MCHALE: I have seen guests drive by in cars.
It's a very exciting time.
Thank God.
CONAN: Let's talk about "Deliver us from Evil," you did this with Mr. Eric Bana who was here last night.
CONAN: In the movie he has a Bronx accent that is convincing.
I am reminded when I interview him he has a very thick Australian accent.
JOEL MCHALE: I think Australians talk in questions where they talk like I'm from Melbourne?
I'm like, OK, are you?
ANDY: What is your hometown?
JOEL MCHALE: My wife is from Sydney?
Yes, she is, is she?
You want to go get a burger?
That's a question.
Yes, I would like to get a burger with you.
He would have the Bronx accent that was very convincing and then there was all of these Bronx cops on set and when he would drop out of the accent, the Bronx cops would flip out.
How did you do that?
Hey, you don't talk like us no more?
What's going on?
How do you do that?
Go Yankees, all right!