1. Joel McHale's Son Threw Up At The President's Party

Joel McHale's Son Threw Up At The President's Party

Right before Joel was about to meet Barack Obama, his queasy child decided it was a swell time to barf.


CONAN: We have not spoken.
JOEL MCHALE: No, put up a fight.
CONAN: I wish we had a fight.
JOEL MCHALE: You son of a --
CONAN: That would be great.
I wish we had a fight.
You and I are pals.
I haven't spoken to you much, I haven't spoken to you on the air since you hosted the White House correspondents dinner.
Let's get your take on everything that happened.
I just want to hear the gory details.
JOEL MCHALE: I was, well, thank God for Conan O'Brien because he, I got on the phone with him before I got the gig and I was like, Conan, what do you do?
It was crazy.
You very nicely let me use your writing staff.
We didn't use any of their jokes but it was a good way to go.
You don't want to go down that road.
As you know, it's the craziest gig of all time.
CONAN: You perform.
They have the president goes first, then you go and -- the president is your opener.
He is the opening act.
CONAN: Then the comedian will go.
There is all of that stuff that goes with that gig.
You got the White House tour.
JOEL MCHALE: You got the private tour.
You spend all of the money you have on flying your family out.
You really do.
They expect it.
If you don't, then they will no longer be your family.
I had a private tour of the White House.
CONAN: Who did you bring?
The wife, kids.
JOEL MCHALE: Wife, kids, mistress, mother-in-law.
My brothers and we got, we toured the -- we toured the house and then we got in the private car that they gave to us, my older brother just goes, kind of a letdown.
CONAN: No, he didn't.
JOEL MCHALE: Kind of a letdown.
He wanted to see the oval office and Angela Merkel happened to be there where she and Obama are trying to figure out what to do with Putin and the Ukraine.
No, that's what I wanted to see.
I would be happy if they let me in.
I'm sorry this free trip is such a bummer.
CONAN: Is he like that about everything, that is sort of his attitude.
JOEL MCHALE: That is fine.
You just met Scarlett Johansson.
She seems OK.
Then we got to meet the president beforehand.
There is a weird wonderful party beforehand where like it's 100 people and you have a meet and greet with the president.
I brought my 9 and 6-year-old to that with my wife and again mistress and everyone else and we were just about to meet the president and my 6-year-old is looking a little peaked and he begins to vomit.
CONAN: At that party.
JOEL MCHALE: In the party.
CONAN: I have been at that party.
It's a small party.
It's not like it's a massive room.
That will be noticed.
JOEL MCHALE: It was well noticed by such people as Robert DeNiro.
So there is my son just -- it's awful.
It's real.
And people are like he is pretty nervous?
He is 6, he doesn't know what is going on.
My poor wife is trying to clean it up and no one is helping her from the family because it's like there is Robert DeNiro.
CONAN: Yeah.
JOEL MCHALE: I'm talking about "Raging Bull."
So that was really great.
Then we met the president.
I thought, oh, well maybe we'll, we'll vomit on him and that will be a great story.
CONAN: It would make the news anyway, it would be cool.
I think we have a photograph of you holding -- there he is.
You're holding him.
You can tell that he is not feeling well.
JOEL MCHALE: If he were to vomit, it would just kind of go down my neck.
So then that's my other son there with the hair and I said you better walk -- we dressed him.
ANDY: I love his hair.
It's great.
JOEL MCHALE: He is a little hippy kid.
I said when you walk up to the president and you say hello and you shake his hand and he walked right up and the president knew his name, He goes, so, you're Edward?
He goes I'm EDDIE.
CONAN: That's great.
JOEL MCHALE: He corrected the president.
CONAN: Hey, hey, it's Eddie.
Got it.
JOEL MCHALE: He corrected the president in the first five seconds of the meeting.
CONAN: That's what you got to do.