1. Julianne Hough's Dress Malfunction At The Golden Globes

Julianne Hough's Dress Malfunction At The Golden Globes

Julianne likes to tear it up on the dance floor, but sometimes the dress can't handle her thunder.


CONAN: You had a problem with your dress at the golden globes.
What happened?
JULIANNE HOUGH: That happens a lot, actually.
I tend to dance a little too hard.
I get really excited when I go out with my brother because we dance and we have a good time.
They literally -- my dress was so pretty and I felt so confident and it ended up splitting right at the seam into like a perfect hole.
CONAN: It was a very tight dress is what you're saying.
JULIANNE HOUGH: Very tight, super sexy.
Literally it ripped at the seams with my thighs.
CONAN: Gyrating and undulating and moving.
I need Dr. Phil back out here.
But anyway --
JULIANNE HOUGH: So I split it at the seams and it looked worse because it looked like I had hulk legs.
I decided to go for it and rip it all the way off.
It was more like I had this thing in between my legs and my legs popped out.
CONAN: So the dress you tore it but you didn't know it would tear that way.
What if it would have torn the other way?
JULIANNE HOUGH: I would have been screwed.
But I didn't go home.
It was a fun night.
CONAN: You tweeted a picture.
There you are look upset.
But it looked like you tried to save the platoon by jumping on to a grenade there.
JULIANNE HOUGH: But I did say I'm sorry.
CONAN: Let's talk about "safe haven."
You star in this movie with Josh Duhamel.
JULIANNE HOUGH: A really, really unattractive man.
CONAN: You shouldn't say that.
We have similar torsos.
Apparently, you have romantic scenes.
And he spoke to Ryan Seacrest before the kissing scene to see if it was OK.
JULIANNE HOUGH: Oh, no, just before the kissing, just before everything because it's a very romantic movie.
If you know anything about Nicklaus sparks there are some bedroom scenes.
So anyway, we were at the gym.
This was in South Carolina where they were shooting.
Josh felt the need to be like everything's cool.
I know this is that kind of movie but you don't have to worry.
And then Ryan was like -- I mean, yeah, that's cool dude.
Like why are you telling me this?
This is really awkward.
CONAN: I just want to drink some ke and -- kelp and get out of here.
Anything we need to know about the scene?
JULIANNE HOUGH: This is a fun scene.
I painted my floors yellow because of Josh Duhamel's daughter moo in the movie.
CONAN: You two come together.
And let's look at this clip from "safe haven."
>> I forgot to ask you how did your floors turn out?
>> You want to see?
>> Look at that.
I wasn't too sure about the yellow but it looks pretty good.
>> Yeah, thank you.
Thanks to your primer and Lexi's keen eye.
>> Sorry.
Are you OK?
Are you OK?
CONAN: He could have been killed.
CONAN: He could have been killed.