1. Ken Jeong Is Not Big In Korea

Ken Jeong Is Not Big In Korea

While touring Korea to promote "The Hangover," Ken didn't exactly receive the warmest of welcomes.


CONAN: Are you very popular in Korea?
Do you have any idea?
National hero there or --
KEN JEONG: I was actually in Korea --
What is wrong with a national hero?
Everything, right.
I was in Korea promoting "hangover 2" two years an studio executive from Warner brothers was like oh, excuse me, don't get mad but you, no one know you here.
You not popular.
No one know you.
And I'm like truthfully, this really did happen.
I said you know, it's fine.
It will be nice to be anonymous.
I will really enjoy that.
No, you don't understand.
He said, no one like you.
And -- and I'm like, all right, you know, OK, I get it.
15 minutes are up.
I get it.
And then no, no, you still do not understand.
I don't like you.
And so I actually, you know, subsequently that day I went walking in a mall in Seoul and I got mobbed.
CONAN: They do know you?
KEN JEONG: Social media and totally globalized entertainment.
And people are like oh, my God!
Oh, that's Ken Jeong, the self-aware annoying guy!
He's self-aware!
He knows he's annoying, yes!
CONAN: The guy in the Corvette's there!
KEN JEONG: Guy in the Corvette's there.
I win again!
CONAN: We have a clip here from "the hangover part 3.”
and I believe this is where they can't find you, guys.
Wolfpack can't find you.
Waiting for you on a stakeout to see if they can get you.
KEN JEONG: Exactly.
CONAN: I think Zack is the bait.
>> This is the meet-up.
CONAN: Let's take a look.
>> Oh, God.
>> You know, you were right.
>> About what?
>> That place in Arizona.
It's not going to help him.
There's no facility that can fix this guy.
We're going to spend the rest of our lives dealing with him because we're all he has now.
You realize that, we're it.
>> Is that chow?
>> Hey, hot stuff.
I cool.
Eyes forward.
Quick, give me some sugar.
Come on, come on.
>> Did he just kiss him?