1. Ken Marino's Wife Wrote "Burning Love" For Him

Ken Marino's Wife Wrote "Burning Love" For Him

Based on all the shirtless scenes, Ken thinks it was her way to make him lose weight.


CONAN: Let's talk about "burning love.”
It's hilarious.
It's a hilarious show.
You've done -- it's a parody pretty much of "The Bachelor”
KEN MARINO: Dating shows and shows of that ilk.
Yes, "The Bachelor.”
It's a ripoff.
Conan: but it's very funny.
You direct it and you starred in the first season and your wife wrote for the show, is that correct?
She wrote the show and the show consists of me as a bachelor kind of dating and kissing all these different women and I think firstly she wrote the show specifically -- I was -- I am topLESS a lot and she wrote it for me to lose weight.
I think it was her round-about way of saying, lose some weight.
Conan: when any guy, especially an actor, reads that they're going to have to take off their shirt, they get really serious about getting in shape.
So that probably helped you.
I worked on my pecs and my lats and my delts.
Conan: there's no way to say that and not be a douche.
The weirdest thing about directing is like there was a scene where all these women are in a pool and I'm supposed to walk out and I'm directing myself and directing them and I walk out and they're supposed to go crazy over me coming out.
And walk out and they're like, yeah, and then I have to direct them to be like, no, no, no, pretend that I'm much more than I actually am.
I'm something much more exciting to you.
And then they acted.
Conan: that must have been a little bit sad but also fun.
KEN MARINO: It's sad but it's an acting challenge for the ladies on the show and that's what I'm here for.
Conan: we have a season two clip.
Tell us about this.
This is very funny.
KEN MARINO: Oh, a season two clip.
So one of the girls who was rejected from my season, June Diane, who is mazing in the second season, if you haven't seen the second season, watch it.
It's burninglove.com on yahoo!.
It's really good.
She's exceptional in it.
She comes back and now she's the one who is getting a bunch of guys like -- you know, coming to hopefully be her husband.
Competing for her love.
And so this is one of the limo entrances.
Conan: OK, let's take a look at this clip from "burning love.”
>> Oh, \[Beep].
>> Hi.
>> Hi.
>> Julie.
>> Yes.
You're incredibly good looking.
Oh, my God.
>> Thank you.
>> Oh, my God.
>> You look amazing.
I mean, come on, right?
>> ARE YOU talking to me?
>> I'll see you in there.
>> Yes, you will.
Yes, you will.
Um, check please.
I'm going to change my panties real quick.