1. Kristen Bell's Pregnant Sex Tape

Kristen Bell's Pregnant Sex Tape

Kristen shot love scenes while seven months pregnant - or as co-star Adam Brody called them, "threesomes."


CONAN: You look lovely.
I have not seen you since you had your daughter.
KRISTEN: Thanks.
CONAN: And how old is she now?
KRISTEN: Who knows?
Almost 10 months.
CONAN: Now you and your husband, very exciting time for you.
Dax mentioned He loved you pregnant.
What was that all about?
KRISTEN: He said He likes some meat on my bones.
He said there is more of you to love.
He did say I I feel like I'm cheating on you.
Because He felt like He was with a different completely woman.
That is exciting.
He loved it.
CONAN: It's a tad creepy.
I'm going to say ñ 
I was also involved and He got a freebie that didn't hurt anybody's feelings.
Or is that too progressive for everybody?
CONAN: The crowd is saying, I don't know.
ANDY: You Hollywood weirdo.
KRISTEN: I gained quite a bit of weight.
43 pounds.
CONAN: You are supposed to.
KRISTEN: I did it healthfully and I was happy at that weight but at 5' 1" that's a lot of meat.
CONAN: You were pregnant while you were shooting "House of Lies," not a little pregnant but very pregnant.
KRISTEN: I was very pregnant.
It's a dark comedy but also very sexy show and we make a lot of jokes.
There are sexual story lines and I delivered two weeks after we wrapped.
And there was a story line in the second season when I had to -- my character has a sex tape come out and brings it into work and shows it to everybody and she is embarrassed and no one cares.
I was seven months pregnant at that time.
And they were sitting me in these night gowns and I had a huge gut and I was, you know, pretending to act in a sex tape and I can look at my daughter and say you were present for that.
There was a fake penis involved.
CONAN: I hope it was fake.
Get that fake penis out of here.
Bring in the real thing -- no.
They shot above your belly.
But that's a lot.
KRISTEN: And they took it out.
I tried to work it.
I'm very comfortable with the crew, so it was like, it's here and not getting around it, let's get through the day.
and there were other scenes, don and I had this on-again, off-again sexual thing and and there was a sex scenes as threesomes because my belly was on top.
Is that gross?
CONAN: It's not gross, not gross at all.
KRISTEN: Is it nerve wracking to talk about that.
CONAN: The baby was present and nothing was happening, but it's a strange concept.
As I'm sure -- 
CONAN: Baby high-fiving don Cheadle as well.
KRISTEN: I was in too deep at that point.