1. Lisa Kudrow's Son Got A Drive-By Bar Mitzvah

Lisa Kudrow's Son Got A Drive-By Bar Mitzvah

He was just having a nice time at the mall when suddenly, out of nowhere, he became a man.


CONAN: You know, I was a little -- I'm not going to say offended, but bothered by the fact that you and I have been friends for a long time.
CONAN: And then I happened to find out that your son was bar mitzvahed and I wasn't invited.
I don't mean to create an awkward situation here on television.
LISA KUDROW: Oh, good.
CONAN: But don't you think I'd be invited to that?
LISA KUDROW: I think you would be invited to that.
CONAN: So what happened?
LISA KUDROW: We didn't -- OK.
I called it -- it was a drive-by bar mitzvah.
CONAN: That makes it sound like you guys were innocently walking down the street and a gang drove by and bar mitzvahed your son out the window.
ANDY: Now you're a man!
CONAN: What happened?
LISA KUDROW: That's kind of how it went.
I wasn't with him.
He was alone at a mall.
CONAN: What?
And some nice men, you know, from -- I don't know, a habbad house maybe?
CONAN: A Jewish organization.
LISA KUDROW: Yes, very nice.
It was sort of like, hey, kid, come over here.
Are you Jewish?
He said, well, half.
And they said which half?
My mother.
That's good, come here.
Have you been bar mitzvahed?
Do you want to?
So they wrapped something around his arm, had him recite a prayer and there you negotiation you're bar mitzvahed.
CONAN: That's the craziest thing I've heard.
At a mall?
It's like getting your ears pierced.
LISA KUDROW: He came home, told me about a video game he bought and then said, oh, I was bar mitzvahed.
What do you mean?
He said, yeah, here's the picture.
And there's this nice guy with a red beard.
Was it you?
CONAN: Yes, it was me!
It was important to me that he be bar mitzvahed.
Apparently you can just do it in a mall and it's not a big deal.
LISA KUDROW: It was funny, because my family, they were like, oh, OK.
And they wrote checks, you know, for a bar mitzvah present.
OK, thank you.
CONAN: That's crazy.
Then it's like, then I went to six flags and I got married.