1. Maria Menounos Sold Sausages Outside Fenway Park

Maria Menounos Sold Sausages Outside Fenway Park

She even had a little jingle to help her move her meat products.


CONAN: We come from the same hood basically, Boston, Massachusetts.
You come from the Boston area.
MARIA: Boston strong, baby!
CONAN: I know how I eventually sort of made it in the business, but how did you page it?
I'm just curious.
I love people's stories.
When you grow up in Boston, how did you first get involved in show business?
What did you do starting out?
MARIA: It was a long road.
I was a janitor alongside my parents in nightclubs all over.
I worked at drunken doughnuts for six or seven years.
I sold sausages at Fenway and Patriots games.
CONAN: You sold sausages, it sounds like seashells at the sea shore.
You sold sausages at Fenway park?
MARIA: I did.
CONAN: Tell me about that experience.
It would be cool to do that.
MARIA: I never got to watch a game.
I sold them outside.
You make fun at whatever you're doing.
I have fun no matter what I do.
I have funk jingles.
CONAN: You made up songs about the sausages?
MARIA: Yeah, step right up, won't be shy.
Pick up the sausage as you walk by.
[Cheers and Applause]
CONAN: That would work for you.
If I was selling sausages, that would not work.