1. Matthew Fox Got Insanely Jacked To Play A Serial Killer

Matthew Fox Got Insanely Jacked To Play A Serial Killer

It might look like he's wearing a padded muscle shirt, but nope...that's all Matthew.


CONAN: I was curious because I saw last year you played a cage-fighting serial killer in the movie "Alex cross."
Let's Sow a -- show a still from the movie this.
Is how you transformed yourself for that film.
That's exactly what I look like under this suit, by the way.
MATTHEW FOX: I believe out.
CONAN: Feel that.
No, don't.
First of all, how did you achieve that look?
Was it just not eating anything and working out 24/7?
MATTHEW FOX: No, I had six months to prepare and I wanted to go slow with it and I wanted it to be very healthy so I had somebody who helped me.
I'd say it was about 75% diet and 25% working out really hard.
It was very structured and it was more of an exercise in discipline for me, really.
CONAN: What about your family?
People in your life who saw you when you were walking around in a bathing suit looking like that.
Were they concerned for you?
MATTHEW FOX:  My daughter at one point walked up to me after halfway through the process and said dad, you look really hideous.
CONAN: I get that all the time.
MATTHEW FOX:  I took that as a compliment because I knew I was headed in the right direction.
My mother was appalled by it.
CONAN: I think most moms just want you to eat, right?
MATTHEW FOX:  Yes, and that's one of her major motivations in life, to feed you.
Italian mother and every time I'd see her she would gasp and ask if she could feed me something.
CONAN: My mother, every time I go home she's like, you want some eggs?
Randomly naming food.
A muffin, corn on the cob!
It's this obsession she she has with everyone eating all the time.