1. Matthew Fox's Daughter Is One Direction-Crazy

Matthew Fox's Daughter Is One Direction-Crazy

And in the great traditions of fathers & daughters throughout time, Matthew can't stand to listen to them.


CONAN: How old is your daughter?
MATTHEW FOX: She's turning 16 next month.
CONAN: I have a daughter who's 9.
MATTHEW FOX:  You're still in the safe area there.
CONAN: What is it your daughter wants to do that freaks you out?
MATTHEW FOX:  She's a huge one direction fan.
She has a major crush on Harry Stiles.
She's going to be very upset about that if they melded thing you did earlier on the show.
CONAN: Or she'll be intrigued.
Have you gone with her to a one direction concert?
CONAN: Will you go with her to a one direction concert?
I'm a huge music fan and we're having that classic father-child argument about music right now so I'm trying to encourage her to start to explore music that's outside sort of like boy bands.
I upset her every time we talk about bun -- one direction so we've pretty much had to agree not to talk about it.
CONAN: Really?
That's just an off limits area?
MATTHEW FOX:  Yes, every time she brought up one direction I thought it was my responsibility to bust their chops.
She got upset so we agreed not to talk about it anymore.
CONAN: And yet, I'm making it the entire segment tonight.
Is she dating yet?
Is she allowed to date?
I hope she doesn't -- we're hoping that that's eight to 10 years down the road.
CONAN: I started dating in my late 30's.
MATTHEW FOX:  That would be perfect.
CONAN: You grew up on a ranch, is that correct?
CONAN: Where?
MATTHEW FOX:  Northwestern Wyoming up in the wind mere valley.
CONAN: What do you do for fun when you're on -- a ranch and it's dead of winter.
My parents always told me to go outside and play.
I'm thinking ranch, winter.
What do you do?
MATTHEW FOX:  Well, winter was rough.
You know, the winters are long there.
I have two brothers that are like my best friends and we goofed around a lot.
In the summers we got in all kinds of trouble.
Used fireworks and bottle rocket wars and Roman candle wars and that kind of thing.
I'm putting a disclaimer on that.
Don't try that at home --
CONAN: Well, you did.
MATTHEW FOX:  Do as I say, not as I do.
CONAN: So you could have fireworks there, legal.
MATTHEW FOX:  Yeah, they were legal then.
I think they still are.
CONAN: Anything more powerful than fireworks?
MATTHEW FOX:  My dad always had dynamite on the place.
CONAN: Greatest dad ever.
When do you hear someone say my dad had dynamite.
That's fantastic.
Did you get to use it?
MATTHEW FOX:  We would help him.
Dynamite was a necessity.
We had a creek running through and in the winter we always had to blow that.
CONAN: That is the coolest thing I've ever heard of when it was part of your childhood to "we have to go blow up that creek."
CONAN: Creek.
CONAN: Don't let me get my dynamite.