1. Mike Tyson Surprises Evander Holyfield At The Grocery Store

Mike Tyson Surprises Evander Holyfield At The Grocery Store

On "Being: Mike Tyson," Evander was pitching his new hot sauce and Mike comes up with a novel use for it.


Conan: I want to get to the docu-series "being mike Tyson."
Mike: Don't think it's a reality show.
It's not.
It's a six-part series of being mike Tyson, hanging around doing reflective stuff.
Conan: we have a clip here, you surprise ivander Holyfield.
Mike: It's hard to surprise him but let's watch it.
Conan: ivander is out promoting his hot sauce.
Mike: Yeah, hot sauce.
It tastes like ass -- no, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
No, ivander, no.
andy: he should be worried about the tastyness of his ears, just in case.
Conan: this is a clip where you surprise him.
Let's take a look.
Mike: I love to surprise him, he's such an introverted guy, to surprise him, you get such a good reaction out of him.
Holyfield: Mike!
Mike: Shh.
Mike: Why didn't you invite me for the hot sauce?
You surprised or what?
Holyfield: I'm shocked.
Mike: We support each other.
Coming in, that would be even more support.
Anything I can do to help him, that's what I'm going to do.
Conan: Is it true, mike, that you're interested now in -- you're a boxing promoter.
Mike: I do promote.
I promoted my last fight, it was pretty successful and it superseded the ratings ESPN believed it would have and they want to do it again.
Conan: what kind of fighter are you looking for?
What are you looking for in a fighter when you're look for a young fighter?
Mike: I want to look far guy similar to me.
A guy that wants to be somebody in his life.
Maybe an insecure guy, maybe people don't respect his family, he wants respect.
Conan: Someone who has that edge.
Something to prove.
Mike: No.
That he wants to hurt somebody.
I want somebody that, you know, because that's war is.
War is destruction of the enemy or total surrender.
One or the other.
I want somebody who believes in that theory of fighting.
People can win fights.
People can win fights and have long range but if they're not exciting, it doesn't mean anything.
I can -- a guy made $100 million in two years, but if a guy has long range, he was champion for 20 years and people don't care to see him.
Fighting is about entertainment, it's show business, you have to be the most entertaining fighter.