1. Mindy Kaling's Exercise Fantasies

Mindy Kaling's Exercise Fantasies

To pump up her workout, Mindy imagines it's part of a training montage in an exciting action movie.


CONAN: We are both from Boston.
You like the Boston accent.
I don't miss the Boston accent because I grew up with it and kids were about to beat me to death.
You like the Boston accent?
MINDY KALING: I find it very sexy, because of all those Ben Affleck movies, bank robbers trying to make movies to support Their families and don't want to do it but they have to.
They're like, you leave Charlestown, you never come back.
You bank with me because we are brothers.
CONAN: It feels noble to you.
MINDY KALING:And often portrayed as six-pack abs blue-collar dudes.
They say something and say halfway smart and you say you are a brilliant genius.
CONAN: Someone with that accent says, the sun is coming up, it must be daytime, that guy is brilliant?
That's crazy.
MINDY KALING: I like it a lot.
CONAN: The segment that you shot for me, one of the 50 cameos is you out walking your dog and I was thinking -- and feels like you are working out a lot and on the move a lot.
How do you motivate yourself?
We started out at runyan and were going to take a jog.
MINDY KALING: Stop being all over me.
CONAN: Paying you a compliment.
MINDY KALING:Thank you very much.
I do -- people -- I do exercise, I jog.
But in order to work out, we had to motivate myself and I have to pretend when I run that I'm an avenging the murder of my husband.
I have to have these elaborate fantasies to motivate --
fantasies to motivate myself.
CONAN: What are you talking about?
MINDY KALING: Go with my husband and then we are in central park one day and someone stabbed him because they hated interracial couples and I have to go down to brazil.
CONAN: You are running in a 5k.
ANDY: Putting on your jogging clothes.
MINDY KALING: Try to do 20 consecutive pushups.
It's in my mind, getting stronger montage.
ANDY: You never know when the hit's going to go down.
MINDY KALING: My mind wanders like I'm an avenged murderer and I'm hanging out with Beyonce.
CONAN: It's working.