1. Conan's "American Hustle" Hair Prep

Conan's "American Hustle" Hair Prep

CONAN Highlight: How did Conan get his signature hairdo at the MTV Movie Awards? It's a very long, involved process...


CONAN: I almost wasn't ready for the show when it began.
It came down to the wire.
I had some trouble in my dressing room.
We had a camera in my dressing room that recorded everything, I made it, but it was very close.
Take a look.
>> You are on assignment.
Give me a minute.
 CONAN: OK, almost there!
>> Do you need help?
CONAN: I got it.
I'm fine!
CONAN: I said I'll be there.
It's going to be fine.
I'll be out in a minute!
Don't come in.
I don't need anything!
I'm fine!
It's going to be fine!
We're looking good!
One more minute!