1. Natasha Lyonne Saw Conan While Tripping On Mushrooms

Natasha Lyonne Saw Conan While Tripping On Mushrooms

While attending a "Late Night" show high on psychedelic fungus, Natasha recoiled from eight-foot neon Elvis-Conan!


CONAN: Back in the day when we were doing "the late night show."
It was fun.
You were sort of a friend of the show.
You would hang out there sometime.
Natasha: Yeah.
CONAN: And you would hang out with us.
You came to a really early show.
Natasha: Here's my situation with you and the show.
It was like a little bit a post traumatic situation happening when I had to see you.
You've been nice enough to see me.
Natasha: I was in Rockefeller center with a girlfriend and we were on mushrooms.
And I just remember I was -- I wasn't really like show biz yet.
I was like Rockefeller center on mushrooms.
Natasha: And they like someone ushers me and they go, come this way.
So we follow as you do.
And suddenly we were inside a studio audience of a very early taping.
And actually you started to look different because I remember at the time just being suddenly horrified by this thing we stepped into with to exit.
They slammed the doors and out comes you --
CONAN: Was this like a test show?
A really early version of our show?
Natasha: This was many years ago.
CONAN: Like 20 years ago.
Natasha: And you come out and you were just like seven feet tall and neon orange.
Now this is what I remember.
Were you singing Elvis?
CONAN: There was this whole period of time where I would come out and the show warm-up -- now we have this great guy, Jimmy comes out and warms up the crowd and we said how are we going to warm up the crowd?
I would full-on do an Elvis Presley show for the whole crowd.
I liked it.
Then I came out every night for the monologue, out of breath and sweating because I had done my own warm-up like an idiot.
Natasha: Suffice it to say it was terrifying.
CONAN: Terrifying.
That was the goal to terrify the crowd.
Natasha: Oh, it worked.
It went from Willy Wonka to Jacob's ladder but quick.
CONAN: So that's a horrifying memory.
My face coming at you.
Natasha: Flash backs!
Yeah, yeah.
CONAN: Those were the days.
Well, now you're doing "orange is the new black."
This show -- people love it.
People absolutely love it.
Tell us which scene --
Natasha: I'm in prison.
Having not seen the clip -- I almost guarantee it's going to be in prison.
And I think this is an early on -- I think this is an early intro.
CONAN: I believe this is where the character maybe misspeaks about the food in prison which is not a wise thing to do.
Natasha: No.
No, don't do that when you go to prison.
CONAN: Let's go to this clip from "orange is the new black."
Character 1: This is Chapman.
She's new.
She thinks she's fancy.
Character 2: Here.
Have a yogurt.
Character 3: What do I have to do for it?
Character 2: Nothing.
You're one of us.
Consider it a gift.
Character 3: Thank you.
Thank you so much.
The food here is disgusting.
Character 2: What?
Character 1: Did I mention that Red runs the kitchen?