1. More Insane NBA Press Conference Fashion

More Insane NBA Press Conference Fashion

Come for insights from NBA players, stay for their completely ridiculous ensembles.

Check out this web exclusive slideshow of 24 NBA Press Conference Outfits


CONAN: You guys excited about NBA playoffs, huh?
You know what is even more exciting to me than the NBA playoffs.
I got to tell you this.
It's the clothes some of the NBA stars have been wearing to their postgame press conferences.
They wear the craziest stuff.
Take a look.
>> I just wanted to win this game real bad.
>> I think it really opened up to everybody.
>> Three months -- not what we're used to.
>> Really driving the lane.
Hitting our outside shots.
>> After that time-out we just couldn't get the ball.
They got too many open looks.
>> Got to distribute the ball and don't play so selfishly.
>> Yeah, Wallace is back in the lineup.
CONAN: That was electrifying.