1. Pete Holmes Interview Pt. 1 02/27/14

Pete Holmes Interview Pt. 1 02/27/14

Today in Holmes Family Fashion News: Pete confesses his love for Lululemon yoga pants, while dad rocks Tevas regularly.


CONAN: This is a bit of a change.
I see around the lot. We shoot in the same lot, you were never dressed this nicely.
PETE: You son of a bitch!
CONAN: It's true.
Every time I see you, you are in sweats and flip-flops.
PETE: Those aren't sweats, Conan.
CONAN: What are they?
PETE: Lulu lemon. High-end yoga wear.
JOHN: Isn't this the company that was busted for having, like being able to see your ass through the -- there was a controversy.
CONAN: They were busted because the fabric was too sheer --
JOHN: Exactly.
CONAN: And some people said you can see the woman's ass others said what's the problem?
JOHN: Maybe that's why the ladies like it on you, Pete.
PETE: Thank you, John C. Reilly.
JOHN: You're welcome.
For hijacking the interview.
PETE: You didn't hijack that.
JOHN: Oh, all right.
I'll be quiet.
ANDY: I told you, be quiet!
CONAN: Don't pet him.
He's not a Chia pet.
PETE: I one time was on this very show and mentioned Cap'n Crunch and got a bunch of Cap'n Crunch sent to me.
JOHN: Well, I talked about stealing sugar pops so I think I might get a summons.
CONAN: If you admit you stole it, I don't think you get more of it for free.
PETE: But he said he would have preferred it.
CONAN: That's true.
JOHN: Frankly, I don't think I can eat another sugar pop after the 500 boxes in the base ment.
CONAN: Funny you say that because I've never stopped loving sugar corn pops.
JOHN: You're not concerned with telling kids to rob trains but when it comes to sugar corn pops, that's out of bounds, kids.
PETE: Do what it takes to get that delicious taste in your mouth. Kill a guy.
CONAN: I think I know where you got your casual style because I've met your family.
Particularly your dad.
Your dad is not a guy that likes to dress up.
PETE: My father, Jay Holmes, came to a taping of "the Pete Holmes show" and he was wearing Tevas, swim trunks and a Red Sox shirt.
Completely true.
His one good pair of pants had oil on them so he just went with the swim trunks.
CONAN: This is true actually.
A lot of people saw him and thought something was wrong.
PETE: That was just the beginning of the problem.
My father sat roughly over there, if this were my set, and in the second row.
The guest was Rob Corddry.
There's my father in swim trunks, a weird choice.
And in the middle of it my father who is from Boston goes, "who is this guy?
Audibly for everyone to hear. 
CONAN: Could people hear it?
PETE: Yes. It's a part of the show. Rob Corddry was like, what was that?
I said, "that was my father."