1. Ricky Gervais Saw Louis CK Naked

Ricky Gervais Saw Louis CK Naked

When Ricky played Louis' doctor on "Louie," he got a much bigger eyeful than he bargained for.


You've become friends with Louis C.K.
RICKY GERVAIS:  I'm going to claim responsibility for everything he's ever done and take half his earnings.
He was nothing.
He was a fat, bald ginger slob when I found him.
He would be the first to admit that.
CONAN: He would admit that.
Yes, he would.
Are you guys close?
RICKY GERVAIS:  I saw him naked in the shower which was horrendous.
CONAN: You saw him naked?
You've been a guest on his show.
RICKY GERVAIS: I was his doctor.
I had to give him a rectal examine nation.
It was horrible.
CONAN: He was really naked for that?
RICKY GERVAIS:  He took his trousers down.
He sort of hid that with some sort of cellophane thing which made it look worse.
It was like some sort of Japanese bondage.
It looked awful in an ole bag that was thrown away.
It was disgusting.
CONAN: You keep bringing up --
RICKY GERVAIS:  You know, I didn't really.
CONAN: You had to get close enough to pretend.
RICKY GERVAIS:  I could smell everything.
CONAN: What do you mean?
What could you smell?
What are you talking about, you could smell everything?
RICKY GERVAIS:  Just sweat and shame.
CONAN: He probably had skin sort of like that.
Louie an I have the frequently -- that's the nice part.
RICKY GERVAIS:  Like an undercooked chicken.
CONAN: So it's pretty traumatic for you.
RICKY GERVAIS:  We just went crazy.
Two great men going ridiculous.
CONAN: We know what that's about.
It's our parents we blame.
You've had so many great roles when you think about it on television.
And you play such a variety of different roles between Derek and your role in "the office."
You've been in different movies.
Is there a type of role that you wanted to play that they have not offer you yet?
RICKY GERVAIS:  I suppose anything -- anything sexy.
That wouldn't work.
A villain.
A super hero, just an evil guy in a super hero film.
CONAN: You want to be an evil super villain.
What would you power be?
RICKY GERVAIS: I'd be annoying.
I'm really annoying.
I could do that.
CONAN: You would be super annoying.
RICKY GRAVIES:  Anyone that came -- batman would go, oh, [BEEP].
CONAN: They wouldn't go to fight you?
You'd be so annoyed?
RICKY GERVAIS:  What is that?
It would be stuff like that.
CONAN: Real yir?
RICKY GRAVIES:  I could do that over and over again.
CONAN: Ah, ah, a hrks, -- ah, you're coming with me.
You can't --
That's awful.
RICKY GERVAIS:  It would be amazing.
CONAN: You're incredibly annoying.
You're incredible annoying.
CONAN: You're the worst ever.
CONAN: Terrible!
RICKY GERVAIS: I haven't been on this show for a while, but it's good that I kept up the high standards.
CONAN: Anyone tuning in right now would see-ups -- ahh!
I know how to defeat you.
We talked about this before.
You're very ticklish.
He's very ticklish.
RICKY GERVAIS:  That's my Kryptonite.
Imagine that.
It would be amazing.
You're going to ah, shut up!
No way.
CONAN: Good work, batman.
If you need help with that movie, aim there.
"muppets most wanted."
Did you like working with them?
RICKY GERVAIS:  I used to watch them every Sunday at 5:00.
I loved the muppet Christmas movie.
The only thing you can make a Christmas Carol is with muppets.
You can make any movie with the muppets.
RICKY GERVAIS: He's list."
CONAN: I find that hard to believe -- "shindler's list."
CONAN: I find that hard to believe.
RICKY GERVAIS:  "12 years a slave."
CONAN: You go right ahead.
Put all your money into that.
RICKY GERVAIS: I loved them.
I love doing this --
CONAN: Go ahead.
RICKY GERVAIS:  I got meet a new muppet.
His name is cons that teen.
And he's brilliant -- his name is con tan tin.
He's brilliant because he's rude.
CONAN: You sing and dance in this movie.
RICKY GERVAIS:  I'm OK with that.
Dancing a little bit awkward.
CONAN: Not a good dancer?
I'm a little bit sort of awkward dad that sort of thing.
But I got away with it.
We cheat.
And there's a frog on screen.
Who cares what I'm doing?
There's a frog dancing.
CONAN: Right.
The pressure's off you.
We have -- I don't know if you've had this experience because I've worked with muppets before and I forget that it's -- and then you forget and you're looking at the puppet.
You would get mad at the puppet.
RICKY GERVAIS:  Sometimes I wouldn't even talk -- I would leave the room because I'm a big kid, really.
You might have guessed.
But I get lost in the moment completely with the muppets.