1. Robert Reich Interview Pt. 1 09/09/13

Robert Reich Interview Pt. 1 09/09/13

Robert stresses that he's not a class warrior, just a class worrier.


CONAN: Now, this is interesting, you are now the star of a movie based on a book that you wrote.
Robert: No, it's based on the buddy cop thing that you and I did.
I waited, what did I wait?
Five years to get the call from an agent or at least a booker or somebody?
CONAN: I got you started in the movie business.
Robert: It never took off and I had to do another movie.
CONAN: This is interesting because you wrote the book and they came to you and they said, OK, you want to make this movie.
You want to make a movie about this very important topic.
Robert: It is a critically important topic.
It's the widening of inequality of wealth and income in this country.
We are more unequal than any other advanced economy, more in 100 years.
People aren't paying attention to it.
A talented young director came to me and said I want to make a movie.
I said, you can't make -- people are not going to be entertained.
He said I think this can be funny.
I think it can be heart-wrenching.
You know, I have written books.
My books are the kind of books that once you put them down, you can't pick them up.
A lot of books I have written.
He is brilliant.
He is a genius and he made a movie that the screenings we have done, people cry.
They laugh.
They get it.
CONAN: Let's talk about the issue which is what you say, our country is at its most inequal that it's been in 100 years.
You're talking about the rich, the concentration of wealth among the richest.
Which Americans are you talking about?
Robert: This is the top 1%,.1 of 1%.
Conan, I am not a class warrior.
I'm a class worrier.
CONAN: We're done, we're done.
We're done.
Robert: I am worried about what is happening in this society and we are not paying enough attention to it.
The problem is there is no way this economy can function when the vast middle class and everybody who wants to join the middle class doesn't have enough money to buy all the things that the economy is capable of producing.
And at the same time, our democracy is basically the hands of a smaller and smaller and smaller, richer and richer and richer number of people who are bank rolling the politicians.