1. Rooney Mara Is Painfully Shy

Rooney Mara Is Painfully Shy

If you want to drive Rooney up the wall, just sing "Happy Birthday" to her.


CONAN: I've read in interviews that you talk about how you're very shy and for such a terrific actor, you get shy sometimes when the attention is on you.
For example, you hate it when people sing happy birthday to you.
ROONEY MARA: Yeah, I do.
CONAN: Yeah.
I can actually relate to that.
I don't love --
CONAN: I don't love it, either.
I don't like praise for something that I didn't have anything to do with.
That's not a joke.
I really do feel like people are happy -- and just stand there and go yes, I survived another year.
so you hate it when people give you that kind of attention.
Like when you wrap a film, they announce it and everyone starts clapping.
And I always -- I hate it.
I always turn bright red and get really embarrassed.
Because they don't do it for the crew.
And I just always feel really weird about it.
CONAN: They're singling you out in a way.
ROONEY MARA: They should sing happy birthday to my parents.
CONAN: They actually did something.
CONAN: You're very shy but you tried bar tending for a while.
And it seemed like -- to be a bartender, you need to really be able to deal with a lot of strangers.
And how can you have done that?
ROONEY MARA: I don't know.
One OF my friends was going to the school.
And so I -- it sounded like fun.
And so I went and I got my little bar tending license.
And I got a job.
And I didn't realize that like, you know, people always want the bartender to drink with them.
And I can have like two drinks.
And then I'm just blacked out.
CONAN: Right.
ROONEY MARA: So I was like -- and again, I'm very shy.
So I was just drunk.
And it was just bad.
CONAN: But you were just passed out behind the bar.
I don't --
CONAN: 45 minutes --
ROONEY MARA: I don't even really remember.
CONAN: You may have choked a lot of people when you were passed out.
Let's talk about "side effects."
I watched the movie last night.
And I was blown away.
And your performance in it, and it's very hard to talk about this movie without giving anything away.
And I don't.
Because there's terrific plot twists in this movie that I didn't see coming and I was taken very much by surprise.
But your character is someone who is going through this depression.
This incredible depression and you give this stunning performance of someone going through depression that was unlike anything I've seen depicted in A movie.
How did you research this or study it?
ROONEY MARA: Well, the writer had done so much research.
He worked on the script for like 10 years.
CONAN: Right.
ROONEY MARA: And so a lot of it was in there already.
But I met with a bunch of doctors.
And a few different people sort of shared with me their experience with depression.
But on youtube, there's all these people put up like video diaries.
Sort of like tracking their depression.
CONAN: And their moods and what they're going through.
It was kind OF addicting but it was really intense and sad.
But I became kind of obsessed with watching those.
CONAN: A terrific movie.
But I did -- I did really -- it did -- I thought you captured something there that I hadn't seen before which was someone really go through something harrowing.
We have a scene here, Jude law is your therapist.
CONAN: And this is a scene where I believe he's with his wife.
And you interrupt him because you're having a crisis.
CONAN: I think that's correct.
Let's take a look at this clip from "side effects."
>> I really need to talk to you.
>> Yeah.
I just got your message.
I'm with my wife.
>> I went to your office and you weren't there.
I came here.
And could we just go talk?
>> Is this an emergency?
>> I was on the subway and like when I was in the car.
I need five minutes.
CONAN:   >> OK.
>> Five minutes.
>> OK.
Five minutes.
[cheers and applause]
CONAN: It was great.