1. Sarah Michelle Gellar's Breastfeeding Boobs Were Big

Sarah Michelle Gellar's Breastfeeding Boobs Were Big

Her bosom swelled so much taping "The Crazy Ones," Sarah says she was like a porn star hulk.


CONAN: I have not talked to you since the birth of your son, Rocky.
SARAH: That is true, yeah.
CONAN: You were pregnant with Rocky while you started shooting the pilot for the crazy ones, is that right?
SARAH: No, I had actually I just had the baby. I was still breast feeding, which gave me a rather enlarged upper area, shall we say?
CONAN: Your boobs were big! I translate here on the show. Boobs got real big.
SARAH: I was playing this character who was in a workplace, wearing a shirt with buttons, never a good idea whether you are breast feeding and the buttons would slowly start to move and finally someone would say, you should do something about that.
CONAN: They grow during the day?
SARAH: They fill up with milk.
It's like porn star hulk.
I only grew leer.
I'm sure you have never actually breast ged.
CONAN: I pretended as a child and they got me a medication and it stopped.
SARAH: Anyway, so you basically are Elsie the cow.
Like they'd be doing scenes and you are like this underneath.
CONAN: Why is it making that sound?
SARAH: It makes that sound, right?
ANDY: That's the pump.
CONAN: Oh, that's the pump?
I thought it was a truck backing up.
SARAH: No, that was this. That was that.
It was all good, until we had to do, when the show was picked up, some, we had to do reshoots and now I don't fit into my clothing anymore. So any eagle-eyed viewers that watch the first episode, you might notice a slight difference. I'm the only actress in Hollywood who had her boobs reduced before she went to her series.
CONAN: You know what's interesting is you know there are pervy guys who are watching this show. They're being like, look her breasts changed size in between scenes.
You know those guys are out there and I am one of them.