1. Sarah Michelle Gellar's Maxi Pads For Dogs

Sarah Michelle Gellar's Maxi Pads For Dogs

Her pooch was menstruating, so Sarah MacGyvered up a canine Kotex belt using Freddie Prinze, Jr.'s boxers.


CONAN: I understand you got a new dog, right?
SARAH: We did.
A Bernese mountain dog.
She's beautiful, so good with the kids.
But she's our first female dog.
There are things I had never experienced before.
Because the female dogs have their time of the month as well.
All of a sudden my dog starts bleeding --
CONAN: So the dog has not --
They suggest not until she goes into her first heat.
So my kids are asking, why is the dog bleeding?
I said great question for Mrs. Brady tomorrow.
And we moved into this new house, everything is white.
Why a white house with children, I don't know.
We didn't know what to do.
So I took a pair of my husband's, Freddie Prinze Jr., some of you may know him --
SARAH: Thank you. So I cut a hole in it.
CONAN: A hole in what?
You just said you took your husband and cut a hole in it?
SARAH: In his boxers, for the tail. I'm sorry, I meant his boxers. I took his boxers to put on the dog and cut a hole in it.
It wasn't working.
What does a woman do?
We use pads.
So I went to the store to buy the biggest maxi pads I could find. So there's nothing like saying "excuse me, where are the really, really, really large maxi pads?
Oh, they're for my dog.
It was really embarrassing.
For me. Not the dog.
CONAN: The dog doesn't care.
SARAH: I thought this was a great idea.
I came home and said look what I've got?
I'm going to put the pad in your underwear just like the women do.
It's going to be great.
I even brought a picture.
CONAN: Look at that!
Your dog looks so sad!
SARAH:: She's so humiliated.
And then my husband turned to me and said, Sarah, you know they make doggy diapers, right?
CONAN: I didn't know that.
And you're stealing all his underwear.
SARAH: So I finally went out and bought doggy diapers.
They don't work as well.
CONAN: They don't work as well as your invention?
You should start marketing those.
ANDY: Sarah Michelle's Canine period pants.