1. Seth Green Is The Prank King

Seth Green Is The Prank King

Seth turned a cat-sitting job into a bloody episode of "Kitty CSI."


CONAN: I fear pranks.
People think of me as a humorous fellow, some people do and they always think oh, you must love pranks.
I hate pranks because I'm afraid to pull a prank.
But you and your friends apparently like to pull pranks on each other.
SETH: I'm not like Clooney.
There are people that pull pranks and there are people like me that have a lot of friends that pull pranks.
My friends and me used to be really bad kids before we were accountable by law.
We did a lot of really bad stuff.
CONAN: You did bad stuff?
SETH: We tried to make sure we toed that line between arrestable offense and just mayhem.
CONAN: My problem with pranks is a lot of times people will tell you about a prank they pulled when they were a kid and you think, no, that's just a crime. I went to a 7-Eleven with a gun and I got the money. Haha! April Fools'! No, that's a crime.
SETH: We were just like silly.
There was a point in time where all over L.A. there were giant inflatables on the top of buildings advertising.
CONAN: Like businesses and stuff.
SETH: Like all this King Kong or this and that CONAN: I remember that like giant balloons.
SETH: They still use them all over the place.
It's a simple construct.
We would get up on whatever roof it was on.
We'd break down the mechanics.
It's an air blower that's plugged in and tethered down.
We were like, if we untie the tethers, this thing shoots straight up in the air, so we did that.
CONAN: No, you can't.
That's not a prank.
That's a crime.
They fly up into the airplane and then what, land in traffic?
SETH: It was always really late at night.
CONAN: Oh, good.
But planes can't see them very well.
SETH: When you're 16 and organizing your world view there's something satisfying about watching a two-story King Kong fly up 30 feet in the air and sag in the middle of Lankershim boulevard.
CONAN: What's a prank you're doing now?
SETH: There was a great prank.
One of my friends went out of town and she was like I left my keys with this person and take care of my cats.
CONAN: Oh, no.
SETH: So my wife and a couple of friends were like let's stage the most brutal crime scene in her apartment while she's gone and they did.
CONAN: What do you mean?
SETH: Everything from bloody handprints to exterior windows to taped outlines of the cat with an evidence marker.
CONAN: But the cat is safe?
SETH: Of course the cat is safe.
CONAN: What do you mean, of course?
You have King Kong descending on Lankershim.
I don't know what you do to a cat.
SETH: It's a balloon.
CONAN: There's a chalk outline of a cat, bloody hand prints --
SETH: They wrote in blood on the mirror vanity, like, left Baby Ruth in the toilet.
They put police tape across the door and all the neighbors called my friend on vacation and they're like, there's police tape on the door. She said, it's probably a prank.
If it was really a police situation someone else probably would have called me besides my neighbor.
The friend who was supposed to be watching the place, like, came to the house with my friend to the house.
The first thing she saw was the outline of the cat.
She was like oh, my god, your cat is dead!
Way overreact, right?
CONAN: Yeah, it's her fault.
SETH: So my friend knew it was a joke, obviously.
Because they don't make chalk outlines of animals.
ANDY: Kitty cat C.S.I.
SETH: That sounds like this should star all cats.
They'd just walk into the office…meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.
CONAN: And then one cat that just takes its glasses off. Meow.