1. Sharon Stone On Beautiful Women Paying For Sex

Sharon Stone On Beautiful Women Paying For Sex

Sharon thinks that if she hired a hustler, she wouldn't want a guy with muscles. Wayyy too intimidating.


CONAN: You look simply fantastic.

SHARON STONE: So do you.

CONAN: I don't know what to say about melt but I jumped into
your dressing room to stay -- say hello.
And I and I started getting -- you look absolutely fantastic
and you -- we were talking about exercise and you started doing
all these amazing stretches.

SHARON STONE: He's in amazing shape, let me tell up.

CONAN: No, no, you're going to want to applaud it but please
What the hell was that?

SHARON STONE: Shock and awe.

I am not limber.
I like to think I'm in shape but I'm one of those uptight Irish
I bend about 10 degrees.
Not very limber at all.
But were you bending and twisting -- 

SHARON STONE: You're trying to get me to do some of that, aren't you?

Had a camera -- oh, yeah!
What the hell was that?
You know, we just watched this scene with you and Sofia
I want to make sure that people understand the plot of the
movie is that the two of you are paying John Turturro -- 


CONAN: For sex.
The minute I heard this, I thought that's completely
You do be need to pay anybody for sex.
That's ridiculous -- 

SHARON STONE: Then you thought, there is another career for me?

CONAN: For me?
No one would pay me for sex!
People pay me to stay way.

SHARON STONE: What would you charge?

CONAN: Very little.

SHARON STONE: Like $1.99?

CONAN: Even then I would be like the 99-cent store.
If I was a gigolo, it would be nothing over a dollar.
-- maybe this is sexist.
Maybe I'm wrong but obviously I just don't think that you would
in that position.
That's absurd.

SHARON STONE: Are you trying to say that I would pay for sex?

CONAN: I'm not trying to get you to do anything!

SHARON STONE: Hubba, hubba.

CONAN: This is why I'm a bad gigolo.
I thought this was sexy!

SHARON STONE: And like hey!

CONAN: Hi, there, how are you?

ANDY: And -- 
CONAN: Andy's the better gigolo.

SHARON STONE:Andy was in my dressing room when you left.

ANDY: And I am limber!

CONAN: There you go.

ANDY: Limber.


CONAN: I knew something was going on there.
But that premise, that beautiful women, paying men for sex.
Maybe I'm sexist.

SHARON STONE: Let's talk about it.

CONAN: You think it's possible?


CONAN: You think it exists in the culture?

SHARON STONE: You know, I've noticed more and more, I read a lot and I've
noticed more and more particularly as a theme in books of fiction that it's prevalent a lot in books now.
I think ever since the fifty shades of grey kind of thing
everybody wants to hear that you can buy sex.
It's becoming a hot topic.

CONAN: What's interesting to me, and I love John Turturro the
actor but I think of a male gigolo as being almost the
Chippendales dancer type guy.

SHARON STONE: That would be a little intimidating I think if a guy like
that showed up.
I think you probably want a guy to show up who seems nice.

CONAN: Really?
Then I could be -- could be a gigolo.
I've been going at this the wrong way!

SHARON STONE: Top 10 qualities of a gigolo -- 
CONAN: No, I thought I would have to have a chiseled chest.

SHARON STONE: You have a chiseled body.

CONAN: Not that kind.
I was injured by a chisel!
But I was just curious.
I was saying, do you look for imperfections in men?
Do you like imperfections?

SHARON STONE: I think everybody likes imperfections because let's face it,
nobody is perfect.
It's the thing you find charming about them.
When people have that scar here, you know, I think that's

CONAN: Harrison ford has a scar.
And women go crazy for him.

SHARON STONE: He's -- he's not bad.

CONAN: I'm going to go punch out my face after the