1. Sharon Stone: Woody Allen Gave Me My Big Break

Sharon Stone: Woody Allen Gave Me My Big Break

Sharon was just an extra on "Stardust Memories" who got very lucky when another actress dropped out.


CONAN: There is a scene in this movie where a threesome takes place
with you, Sofia Vergara, and John Turturro and I'm told
that John Turturro wrote -- did he write the scene or did he
direct the scene?

SHARON STONE: He did both.
He wrote it -- 
CONAN: I figured he was involved the it sounded so suspicious
to me. “I’ve got an idea, you and Sofia Vergara with me in

I think the whole movie was kind of that way.
But I have to say the movie is really great.
I've done some really -- but this one -- I call them like I see
But this one -- really great.
It's so charming and she's so lovely in it and Liev Schrieber
and Vanessa Paradis.
And woody Allen the 
CONAN: Let's talk about woody Allen because more or less he
plays the pimp.
John Turturro's pimp.
Which if you ever think of casting a pimp and who would be last
on the list, it would be me, then woody Allen probably.
Maybe Bob's Big Boy third.
But that's just such an unlikely couple.

SHARON STONE: They're an unlikely couple and that's what makes it so
And it's these women who are kind of, you know, lost and he
heals them in this very, it's really charming.
Really a nice movie.
It's a very nice date movie.
It's really a sweet movie.

CONAN: Can I ask you, I know that -- 

SHARON STONE: And he directed the menage a trois in his underpants.

CONAN: Oh, I love it.
He's in it and directing it at the same time?


CONAN: He's with you, rolling around and then running back out
and check the camera?


CONAN: Nice job the wasn't woody Allen one of the first people
to give you a job?

Stardust memories.
I've had the pleasure of working with him many times in my
career and he's such and -- an excellent director, lovely man
and very kind to me over the years.

CONAN: The way I heard it, don't know if it's a myth or not but
you weren't supposed to have that part and the person who was

SHARON STONE: Didn't come.
No, I was cast as an extra and I was sitting there with a lot
of other extras, reading a book and the A.D. says the person
who was supposed to play the part didn't come today.
Would you like to play it?
I was like oh, when?
"now," he said.
Woody came down and talked to me about my book, for half an
hour which was exciting and overwhelming and then he gave me
the part.
I worked for a couple weeks on the show.
It was a big deal for me.
The cinematographer was an extraordinary man who had shot all
the "godfather" movies.

CONAN: I remember the iconic scene where woody Allen looks out
the window and sees you in the other train.
I thought that is every extra's dream, just to be sitting
there, and they a oh -- say, oh, someone didn't show, we need
someone to play this iconic participate.

SHARON STONE: And it was really like that.
Like those stories where you get discovered in a drug store.
That astonishingly wonderful thing and they were so kind to